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More info on Dr Mark 10/8/07

From the incredible detectives at LCF -First, a post from Dr. Mark himself:
"Hello again all,Went to post graduate at The Florida Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine.Medically related bachelors or Pre-med required (I think premed is now required nationally)Four year 3000 hour program plus internships.Covered all Eastern and Western medical departmentsPrimary care physician licenseDoes not cover pre_script_ion drugs and surgery.Amazing education....glad I went. Check out more credentials at the top of the forum "sticky" welcoming me.BTW - do I have to get 'Hello Kitty" underwear to be a part of the forum?"Info about the school he claims he attended:Florida Institute Of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Florida Institute Of Traditional Chinese Medicine5335 66 St NSt Petersburg, Florida 33709Website: Not AvailableType of college: 2-year private, for-profitDegree types offered: Two but less than 4 yearsDegree Programs offered:
Acupuncture and Oriental MedicineClassification:Not Available2004-2007 EnrollmentTotal enrollment55Undergraduate enrollment55Percent of undergraduate enrollment by gender Men36%Women64%Percent of undergraduate enrollment by race/ethnicityNon-resident alien0%Black non-Hispanic11%American Indian or Alaskan Native0%Asian or Pacific Islander9%Hispanic2%White non-Hispanic76%And.. some very interesting follow up information from Jeanessa:
Regarding Dr. Mark...
Okay, so we enter my area of expertise...I work in higher education and have for the past 9 years..First of all, accoding to the US Dept of Education, Florida Institue of Traditional Chinese Medicine is not accredited.Any school not accredited by the US Department of Education's regional accreditation agencies will not be able to produce a degree that qualifies a student for a PCP (Primary Care Physician) license in any state in the United States.Secondly, the accrediting body ACAOM (which is not part of the US Department of Education, meaning the schools that it does accredit are normally the kind that you see advertised on TV that offer a high school diploma, medical billing diploma, technical specialist diploma, etc, withdrew its accreditation of the Florida Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine back in 2002.* Florida Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine"Master of Chinese Medicine" programSt. Petersburg , FL 33709Candidacy : 05/95 ; Accredited : 11/99Last Review : Fall/02IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Florida Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine's (FITCM) accreditation status was withdrawn effective November 18, 2002 . The school has entered into a "teach out" agreement with East West College of Natural Medicine ( Sarasota , FL ) where FITCM students are completing their trainingSo, everything Dr. Mark says amounts to jack squat. So says me.
Emailed to us from a reader:
LOL That ""Florida Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine" which the alleged Dr. Mark is alleged to have graduated from, was stripped of it accreditation in 2002 ... note the numerous lawsuits :) A third school, the Florida Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, also had its accreditation withdrawn by ACAOM on Nov. 18, but was still operational at press time.
I'm still checking to make sure but if this guy is really a doctor and is employed by Heidi, it's probably this guy:
Mark Dedrick, Acupuncture Physician, OMD
3107 Spring Glen Rd, Suite 201Jacksonville, FL 32207Phone: 904-742-2967Email:
Or maybe this other guy, but the first guy (Mark Dedrick) "sounds" more like somebody who would work for Heidi :)
Mark E. Keyes, Acupuncture Physician, OMDQuantum Reality Healing1727 N. Atlantic AveCocoa Beach, Florida 32931
So, according to what's been discovered already, seems that the so-called expert hired (or otherwise blackmailed into service) by Heidi Diaz is not.. an expert after all. SURPRISE!
Posted by Kimkins Dangers at 4:29 PM

Quackamole said...
According to"Please be advised that Attorney General Opinion No. 87-103, dated March 3, 1988, concluded that a licensed acupuncturist MAY NOT use the initials "O.M.D." or the title "Oriental Medical Doctor" or "D.O.M." and the title "Doctor Oriental Medicine" without the inclusion of more information (L.Ac. or C.A.) , in advertising an acupuncture practice."So BOTH of these DR Mark guys seem to be avoiding this ruling. We have to ask why?Q.
October 8, 2007 4:43 PM
Shirley said...
I used to live in St. Petersburg, FL and drove by that Chinese Medicine place all the time. It is located in a run down strip mall. It's really laughable that is the only kind of medical back-up that Kimkins has to offer.
October 8, 2007 4:51 PM
Shirley said...
I used to live in St. Petersburg, FL and drove by that Chinese Medicine place all the time. It is located in a run down strip mall. It's really laughable that is the only kind of medical back-up that Kimkins has to offer.
October 8, 2007 4:52 PM
Anonymous said...
check LCF topic 7 they found him
October 8, 2007 5:13 PM
Anonymous said...
October 8, 2007 5:14 PM
Anonymous said...
he graduated and was licensed before the school was shut down, so he may actually be an expert. just sayin.
October 8, 2007 5:46 PM
Mimi said...
Do Not Publish (unless you want to) This is basically just so I don't have to open up my yahoo email again to scribble this note! :)Yum! Great stuff from Jeanessa! Hey, so "Dr. Mark" (real or imagined :) is indeed practicing medicine without a license! Right? So, whom do we contact? California medical board? Florida medical board? Or what? Will send you any updates a.s.a.p. Very interesting! I just love it when Heidi keeps digging herself deeper into these legal holes! LOL
October 8, 2007 6:04 PM
Anonymous said...
Interesting about the Cocoa Beah and Jacksonville locations, since he said he is in Tampa Bay/St. Pete, so wonder if he used to be there - or these are not him? Yes, I recall that there was a similar facility in St. Petersburg was in a very sleazy area. It would appear to be highly questionable as to anything reputable being associated with that! Are they still there? I don't live there anymore, so wonder if somebody can get a pic or make a personal visit?And what ever happened to DANIELLE of kimkins Admin who came in for less than a month now and suddenly dropped off posting or replying?! On the site, now her photo has changed to unquestionably ANOTHER VERY DIFFERENT person! Not even a shred of similarity, completely different! Does somebody else step in and just assume her name (if Danielle Hauck, was it?, is a real name or person, anyway)and then they replace with another photo that certainly looks like a rather non-candid shot from another source (advertising? a young girl in a workout setting?)Hmmm...Danielle's style of replies also went from blundering in and asking questions that were rather ignornant, then changed to seem distinctly as if coming from another person with another style of having more knowledge - on some level. Very obvious to even a casual observer!Hmmm...
October 9, 2007 5:03 AM
Mimi said...
Total enrollment = 55 ?! That's a college?! hmm, k.
October 10, 2007 9:18 PM
Anonymous said...
Wow, Doctor Mark is a Doctor of Acupuncture In Rhode Island also. How did he do that!!


Anonymous said...

Ok little net detecives.Dr.Brinson is an acredited DR. of oriental medicine aka homeopathic medicine in Fl. Yes His office was in a rather crappy area of town.But He also teaches,and works out of another office.That area of town is where His business just happens to live.Heavy vietnamese population there.I had the pleasure of takeing courses offer by Dr.Brinson and 2 other Drs of chiropractic medicine.I have sent 3 of My patients that western medicine could not figure out,and one diagnosis was lupus,it was aspartame poisioning due to over ingestion of diet sodas.(I suggest You look at bills trying to get passed on warning labels on nutra sweet,splenda,ect.It turns to poison if heated)Another was alergy probelems that was misdiagnosed for years.So Yes is what He practices something that can be trusted,Yes as its natural cures and flushing of toxins.Dr.Mark Brinson is also a LMT.
Accredited with the state of Florida.
Teaches massage therapy.
So Yes homeopathic medicine is valid.Sometimes a better choice over Western Drs who want to pump You full of chemicals sold by big companies like Phizter.

HoneyBee said...

anonymous-Ok little net detecives.Dr.Brinson is an acredited DR. of oriental medicine aka homeopathic medicine in Fl

Honeybee- Dr.Mark Brinson may be a doctor of oriental medicine, but one question of concern that many of "the net detectives" had, was if Mark was within his scope of practice by the advice that was being given by him at the website-

Another reason he was being scrutinized was that Dr.Mark Brinson claimed to be a Primary Care Physician when listing his credentials on, which is incorrect.
The US Dept. of Labor and/or the US Dept. of Education only recognize 3 types of providers as primary care physicians: MD's, DO's, and DC's.

There were other statements that were not completely accurate and thus made his professionalism questioned by many.

Anonymous: Dr.Mark Brinson is also a LMT. Accredited with the state of Florida. Teaches massage therapy.

HoneyBee: Dr. Brinson does not have a current active massage therapist license according to license verification provided by The Florida Department of Health, Division of Medical Quality Assurance. See below-Source Link

License/Activity Status

I do feel that homeopathic medicine, as well as, other non-traditional methods are valid options to traditional western medicine.

However, the issue that was being discussed here and within the lowcarb community, was his representation of his training, along with the question of why he was aligning himself with a business involved in acts that are classified as consumer fraud by the Federal Trade Commission.

Dr. Mark Brinson was contacted by individuals concerned about how his involvement with could potentially effect him as a professional. He was given the information regarding the pending class action lawsuit against, but he continued to stay on as a staff member at kimkins.

I feel that all of these things combined were enough to raise red flags regarding the role of Dr. Mark at
For more information regarding the kimkins pending lawsuit-
Case watch

Dr. Mark Brinson said...

This is an open note to the posters on this forum from me, Dr. Mark Brinson.

I am AMAZED at the libelous comments posted on this blog by people that have never attempted to contact me, ever.

I am not a mystery. I do not have any secrets about my past or present. I am happy to answer any questions that you may have.

A few answers/responses to your comments:

1. My school did lose its accreditation and close, several years after I graduated. It was a four year post graduate program. When I entered, the MINIMUM education that you could enter with is the equivilent of a bachelors. Now, programs require pre-med, or medically related Bachelors.

2. My class started with 36 and graduated 8 due to its difficulty. Do you know physical therapy classes start with around 30-50?

3. Traditional Chinese Medicine is what I practice, blending it with principals from Western Manual Medicine. I am not an MD nor would I want to be. Drugs and surgery have their place but dont fix everything. True healing comes from seeing both sides of medicine for what they are good for and using them.

4. I started my career 18 years ago as a personal trainer, then massage therapist, then director of rehabilitation, educator and finally Doctor of Oriental Medicine. My license supercedes any other license or title that I have held in the past, thus, no renewal of my massage therapy license or personal trainer certifications. Makes sense huh, again, just ask.

5. I do not, nor have ever, practiced outside the scope of my license, or "practiced medicine without a license". I have a license thank you. Many of the discrepancies come from the law in YOUR state differing from Florida. One of you was overzelous enough to file a complaint with the florida department of health against me. Upon extensive investigation that involved coming to my home and office, they found NO grounds for the complaint and found every aspect of my business and practice in order. My family and I really thank you for that one. I know the internet allows anonymity but please remember the people you are persecuting are real.

6. Is Dr. Brinson qualified to answer questions on Health, Diet, Exercise etc? Over the years I have treated thousands of patients and have thousands of alumni all over the world. What about the patients that fly in from other countries for my specialized expertise? You could ask any of them and they would tell you that I am infinitly qualified to do that and much more. Can I help with everything? Of course not. Do I try my hardest to give people the right advice and help them as quickly as possible? Of course!

7. Did I know what I was getting myself into with Kimkins? No. My only knowledge of the diet and the plan is in the initial research I did on the kimkins website. The plan seemed solid, SHORT TERM, and the message boards were full of people that really needed help. I like to help, alot. I did not know the history of the diet, that it had recently changed, or some of the crazy advice that had been given in the past. Now, mind you, I am an advocate of a higher protein, complex carb, eat often diet. Not the way it was given before I arrived on the site.

8. He gave bad information.
I have to disagree there. I was throw into what I though was a pool of fish that needed honest help. What I was really in was an ocean of sharks, most of which were just trying to trick me at every turn. My biggest regret is taking the time to care about these people, researching and writing specific comments intended to help them. Turns out they were just looking for help in bringing the evil Kimmer down.

A note to end things, hopefully.

My whole adult life has been dedicated to helping people. When I figured out many of the mysteries of medicine, I strove to help more people by teaching others to do what I do. They say that you can tell alot about a person by the company they keep. People do make mistakes however, so how about givin me a break....or at least the benefit of the doubt.

Yours in Health,
Mark T. Brinson DOM, AP, CNMT

Anonymous said...

I am Mark Dedrick and I found my name in this mess by accident. I practice in Jacksonville Florida since April 2001, hold NCCAOM national board certification in Acupuncture and who the hell is Kimkins banging on me in here? I don't even know who the hell she is, much less bashing me. I hold a clean 4 year, accredited M.S. degree from the Internation Institute of Chinese Medicine. She can go jump. I am cleanly and currently licensed to practice in the State of Florida.