Friday, August 24, 2007

LCF Blocks Anti-Kimkins Blogs

LCF forum admins banned links and discussion about anything posted on anti-Kimkins blogs in an attempt to protect one of their regular posters. (Or to protect Kimkins?)

A new post on the Kimkins Exposed blog this morning highlighted the involvement of one of the Kimkins staff members. There was an imediate uproar on the LCF board (to which said staff member is a regular poster) about the personal information posted in the Kimkins Exposed article.

Whatever you personally think about the personal information posted at Kimkins Exposed, please remember that all of that information came from the Kimkins website posted by the staff member herself. Much of the information is (or was, as it is likely to be removed now) from the publicly accessible pages of Kimkins. No information was gained through any nefarious conduct on behalf of the blog author. The author was simply reposting information freely available on the web for the purposes of discussion. Whether you feel the information was too personal or not, the author was not the original poster of said information! Please bear that in mind before flaming.

The problem seems to be that this Kimkins staff member is well liked on both sides of the debate. I personally have never seen this person give out dangerous diet advice as is so common with the Kimkins members. (That doesn't mean she never has, just that I've never seen it firsthand.)

In response to the debate that ensued on the LCF forum, the admins have now issued a new ruling -

"Since certain shock bloggers are going far beyond respectable reporting with vicious attacks on the weight of individuals among other sleazy tactics, we are no longer permitting links and discussions of certain blog entries. Please visit the blogs directly if interested in reading them. Thank you."

I can (almost) understand not allowing direct links, but not allowing discussion? The purpose of the thread in question is to DISCUSS information relating to Kimmer and Kimkins. Apparently, the only information that can be posted there is personal supposition and speculation, as links to the investigative blogs and discussion of their content is now prohibited.

LCF continues to promote Kimkins, including linking to the main Kimkins website, constantly filters and sanitizes the posts on the "Fascination" thread and even intimidates new posters by sending them PM's and deleting their posts.

(name withheld) -
" But my posts were deleted and another rude PM from "admin" sent to me, accusing me of "attacking" that person. So I'm glad to read this blog (thanks so much for that link) with some actual info."

What's really going on with LCF and Kimkins? Sure they have allowed the "fascination" thread to exist for quite some time, but how could they not given its incredible popularity and the fact that many have joined LCF as a result of reading that thread.

Something is rotten in Denmark, as they say.


Medusa said...

The sweeping thread-sanitation that has taken place on Low Carb Friends today (Aug 24/07) in the “Why the Fascination with Kimmer Thread,” the LCF Admin’s removal of all posts made in that thread referring to any blog relating to Kimkins/Kimmer, and LCF posters being warned not to add links or discuss "certain blog entries here," is abhorrent. At LCF, Big Brother IS watching you.

Not only was the thread sanitized and many excellent posts removed, but members received warnings and account suspensions. The LCF Admins have become as paranoid as Kimmer.

Without bloggers like you the message of the dangers of the Kimkins diet will never get out. Please keep investigating and blogging on Kimmer & Kimkins. Thanks so much.

Kimkins Dangers said...

Thanks for your comment and support! :)

Linda said...

I post on LCF less and less. They seem to tie the hands of those using critical thinking and possessing a healthy sense of sceptiscism. All the while they are coddling Kimkins supporters and allowing illogical individuals to start argument after argument.

I have had many post disappear with out a word and have no idea why they were deleted.

Are there financial ties between LCF and Kimkins? Does Kimkins have an affiliate account with Netrition? Inquiring minds want to know!

tiredofscams said...

stinky indeed!

*passes out gas masks*

IOU said...

The rate which posts disappear - sometimes with warnings, sometimes none - is enough to cause whiplash. It's annoying, frustrating and completely at odds with the whole point of discussion and debate, ya know, back and forth we don't all agree but we're all here having some intelligent discussion.

I'm done myself.

FluffyBrat did me in.


Between her and her friggin gotta barge in on every Kimkins thread and say something stupid to her utter disdain for posters who have actually lost weight and kept it off....more than I want to deal with in my life, I'm outta there.

Anonymous said...

I am extremely disappointed in Low Carb Friends, and mind you, I have been a very vocal supporter of their moderation "authority" throughout this whole debate until recently.

My breaking point actually occurred last weekend when they decided that no longer were dissenting opinions allowed in the "kimkin support" threads. One very knowledgeable poster spent a great deal of time and effort trying to (and in a very nice way) post the nutritional deficiencies in the Kimkins regime. Multiple posts were deleted simply because they upset the sensibilities of the pro-Kimkins crowd at LCF... Apparently, the mods believe that Kimkins support threads must be "protected" from any contrary thoughts.

Unlike with other controversial plans (fasting, stillmans, etc..) Kimkins dieters can exist within their own private "community" at Lowcarb friends, regardless of whether they are promoting starvation level calories or cycling "refeeds" (I'm sorry- that's called binge eating where I'm from!) or whatever. Any discussion or debate of the safety or merit of the health issues regarding kimkins cannot be posted in the actual support threads where such discussions ensue.

LCF is advertising via google-ads that they have a "free" Kimkins Message forum. LCF IS LURING PEOPLE TO THIS KIMKINS DANGEROUS DIET... people/teens/kids who may never have heard of it... and then not allowing anyone to post a "hey, this is too low in calories" anywhere where it might easily be seen.

Why not also have pro-ana/mia forums, too. Oh wait... no need. This "way of eating" is already being legimatized by Kimkins forums.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing me a venue where I can VENT and not be banned... although maybe that wouldn't be so bad anyway!

lcf are nazis said...

Anon.. I think I know who you are (on LCF) and I want to say I totally agree.

LCF have in my opinion gone way overboard with their cleaning up of threads. They want to protect the poor lil kimkins eaters from the nasty evil healthy eaters.

And yet, feel free poor lil kimmers to go into the fascination thread and bash down the nasty evil healthy eaters.

umm, I'm sorry, but doesn't the same rule apply to both sides of the coin? don't "poop" in this thread and we won't "poop" in yours, because after all, the thread isn't a litter box (insert cyniscism).

Anonymous said...

Helllo again. Yesterday I commmented with what has turned out to be misinformation -- I honestly thought that LCF had featured a ad, but a reliable friend says no. I viewed the Advertising policy at LCF and indeed they allow no outside ads, and feature exclusively the ads to their own company (Netrition).

I wanted to let you know that I stand corrected, and I'm sorry for not double-checking myself.

Now, as far as why LCF seems so adamantly protective of Kimkins, the mystery remains. I'll keep trying to find out, as I'm sure many others are trying too, to find more pieces of this puzzle.

Best wishes!

Kimkins Dangers said...

They don't feature an ad to Kimkins, but there is usually a google ad link to the KK website on LCF's page. That could be where the confusion comes from. :)

Anonymous said...

ummm... actually "I", anonymous poster 5:57pm didn't say that LCF posted an ad to, so I didn't exactly apologize for it! But thanks to anonymous poster 8:35am for stepping in (?)... What I said that they were luring people by google-ads to the Kimkins diet (which is still prominently featured on LCF without any warnings, safety guidelines, etc.).

In other words, someone may never have heard of Kimkins or, but click on a link to LCF and find the magic of the kimkins "woe" explained in all its glory. They may (or may not) explore the dissenting fascination thread. They may (or may not) ever come across ANY information that implies that the diet could be dangerous for their physical condition. They may only be 14 years old and read about how great it is to "cycle" between kimkins vlcd and "refeeding"

When you think about it, at least does now have a safety disclaimer that must be "agreed to" before customers are let in to the website ... ie., that Kimkins should not by anyone with the following conditions without prior approval from their physician: pregnant or nursing mothers, patients with history of gout, kidney failure or disease, gallbladder issues, those under the age of 18 and those with blood glucose issues such as diabetes or hypoglycemia.

I consider that sort of a "warning" that the diet might have inherent risks, which is a bit more than LCF has at this point.

Anonymous said...

I am still anonymous poster 5:57pm, but I wish to add that the LCF advertising that I'm referring to was featured in "Hot for Kimkins Dieters" on Kimkins Exposed on Tuesday, August 14th. Remind me never to post "anonymously" again!

Medusa said...

LCF Admins hypocritical??

I found it rather odd when I checked out the LCF "Fascination" thread this afternoon that post #7998 (posted on 08-25-2007 at 02:23 p.m.) had been allowed/approved by LCF Admins, especially in light of their warning yesterday where they stated that...

“Since certain shock bloggers are going far beyond respectable reporting with vicious attacks on the weight of individuals and photoshopped faces placed on obese bodies - among other sleazy tactics - we are no longer permitting links and discussions of certain blog entries here. Please visit those blogs directly if interested in reading them. Thank you.””

I think the inclusion of the "before" and "after" pictures in post #7998 is insensitive and in extremely bad taste. I may be way off base here, so I’d be interested in finding out if it strikes anyone else the same way. To my mind, LCF Admins are patently hypocritical.

Here is post #7998 by kingstu (just in case LCF Admins delete it):

"Kimmer has done a fantastic job of taking pieces from Atkins, Stillman, and South Beach, combining them into one very low calorie diet and dispensing nutritional advice with no credentials whatsoever. She has created a "cult of personality" which is evident by the number of her defenders on the Interweb.

What boggles my mind is how can even one person defend her when she refuses to post a photograph or even give an in person interview? Has anyone seen Jimmy Moore’s blog. You can’t stop the guy from posting photos, youtube videos, doing interviews with anyone who will listen. What kind of weight loss “expert” doesn’t post her own photo and instead posts so many different photos of different people claiming to be herself that it’s almost laughable.

What kind of person makes up success stories and posts photos of professional models as after photos?

I’m going to start the Stukins Weight Loss program.





You too can experience the incredible transformation on the Stukins weight loss plan. It will make you thinner, change your race and even make you a fabulously wealthy musical genius."

Should the LCF Admins reconsider and delete the pictures, I have saved them and would be glad to send them on to you.

Kimkins Dangers said...

Medusa, I'm a little confused by your comment. On one hand you say the pictures Stu posted are insensitive and in bad taste (one picture of himself(?) and one of Snoop Dog-however-he-spells-it) as a parody of some of the outrageously faked B&A pics on the Kimkins site.

That part leads me to believe that you think the LCF admins should remove the post because it's in poor taste?

Yet.. you pasted the information of the post and offered to send the pics along, "in case the admins delete it", which tells me that maybe you don't think it should disappear.

Do you mean that the admins are just being hypocritical in allowing some "negative' posts but yanking others?

I'm confused.. could just be a lack of caffeine but.. could you explain a bit more? lol I don't mean to be dense, but I want to understand your comment completely :)

What I find most hypocritical over at LCF is the deletion of "negative" posts by Anti-Kimkins posters and the allowing of very off-topic and negative posts by the Kimkins supporters - EVEN after saying that no anti-kimkins posters could post in the kimkins support threads, yet the Kimkinistas are allowed to continue to say whatever they want, wherever they want.

(For example, read all of the nonsensical, rude and argumentative posts by FluffyBear which have not been deleted, but then a polite question from a new poster who said she would like to ask KimATC how she felt about Kimkins was deleted)

C.Jane said...

(For example, read all of the nonsensical, rude and argumentative posts by FluffyBear which have not been deleted, but then a polite question from a new poster who said she would like to ask KimATC how she felt about Kimkins was deleted)

This is what stands out to me the most as well. I've never seen more rude, argumentative, and borderline hostile posts than I have from Fluffybear, yet anyone else who may have something negative to say about Kimkins gets their comment pulled.

I'm done with LCF. You can find me at ALC. I've always liked it better there anyway...not so Nazi-ish.

Kimkins Dangers said...

ALC is pretty fantastic! I have been very impressed with their Mods lately as they handle their own anti-kimkins thread!

lovinlowcarb said...

I'm not sure I'm following all of the comments here accurately but if someone is apologizing for saying that LCF advertises Kimkins, there's no need to.

LCF DOES advertise their Kimkins forum.

They have a Google ad popping up all across the Internet that advertises their "free Kimkins messaging board."

Anonymous said...

ALC is doing a great job with their anti-kimkins thread. I think that the bloggers should link to THAT thread, and forget about the "fascination" thread completely!

Or would that be cutting off our nose to spite our face? I dunno. I guess I'm just sort of mad!

Medusa said...

Kimkins Dangers...

Re-reading my post, I’m as confused as you were :^) Dense, you are not. Obviously, my caffeine intake was way too high before I posted, or perhaps it was my lack of sleep the night before.

No, I don’t think the LCF Admins should remove the post.

What I woefully failed in getting across is that I’m surprised that the LCF Admins allowed the posting of a picture of an anonymous obese man in a parody (I don’t believe it’s the poster, kingstu, because the .jpg is named "obesemanpa4"), especially because the Admins became so incensed over the "vicious attacks on the weight of individuals and photoshopped faces placed on obese bodies." I don’t know who "obesemanpa4" is but I’m sure he’d be mortified if he saw that he was not only a "before" picture in a thread in a diet forum but had also morphed into old Snoop Dog...Doggy...whatever.

And you’re correct...the reason I saved the photos was in case the Admins suddenly decided that maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to have the parody posted in the Fascination thread, or maybe thought they might be opening themselves up to some legal action by obesemanpa4. I just wanted them saved for posterity...or some such thing.

Is this all clear as mud??

Perhaps my sense of humour has become tainted because of this whole LCF fiasco. I am furious that they deleted my innocuous posts, sent me ridiculous e-mails as to why those posts were deleted, and then capped it off with suspending my account.

So I’m putting the blame squarely on the LCF Admins for my inability to keep a train of thought together long enough to make an intelligent post which doesn’t beg questions or become lost in translation. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it :^)

Medusa said...

And another thing, while I'm on a roll...

That Fluffybear..don't even go there. What a piece of work that is. Within 10 seconds of reading her posts, my blood pressure would raise 100 points.

I can't tell you how many times I responded to her ridiculous posts, only to see my responses immediately deleted by the Admins. are un-bear-able.

End of rant.

Kimkins Dangers said...

Medusa - I get it now! I thought that was the point from the earlier comment, but wanted to clarify, lol.

I received an anonymous tip that Fluffy is being moderated on LCF, as such, she's moved over to ALC and is stirring the pot on that board now as well.

Medusa said...

Fluffy's moving to ALC??!! Oh, the humanity!!

Thanks for the head's up. Hopefully, the mods there will allow us all to have a go at her. And I want the first crack.

I'm "loaded for bear," as they say up here in the Great White North. Fluffy, look out. I'm coming for ya.

New and Disapointed said...

As someone who just signed up at LCF I'm shocked at how the admins are handling the situation. First the edits to "cut down the thread size" (some useful posts went poof in the process) Then unsticking the thread when it's obviously popular (hopeing it dies down?) and now the links thing. How are you supposed to properly address the issue when you're sensoring half the information we find out?

Not that LCF cares but they lost a potential active new user. I only stick around to read the Kimer thread and decided to not participate elsewhere.

What/Where is ALC please?

LCF sucks said...

New and disappointed -

I'm another LCF that has left and gone to ALC. The double standards and heavy handedness (seeing other people's VALID posts just disappear) drove me nuts. It makes me wonder if just one or all of them are over zealous.

It's only sad that I don't feel quite at home at ALC, hopefully that will come with time as it did on LCF. I will miss some of the ladies.

Anonymous said...

Hi what's ALC? Can you all tell me where it is?

Kimkins Dangers said...

ALC is the "Active Low-Carber" forum! There is a link to the forum and specific thread at the top of this blog page :) C'mon over! It's a warm, friendly environment with a lively discussion going on!

Anonymous said...

I was a member of LCF, apparently I've been sanctioned.
I never called anyone names, used foul language or even so much as suggested that Kimkinites were stupid.
Only asked why they don't call their WOE something else when they're not following her plan.
All my posts get deleted, even one where I asked "Where's Cleochatra"?
No drama, nothing and they warn me about violating the TOS!
My conclusion? Kimkinites eat a lot of frankenfoods that they buy at Netrition. Gotta protect those $$$$!

Kimkins Dangers said...

I remember reading that post asking where Cleo had gotten to, as she had stopped posting there. Another person replied to you, saying that Cleo had left LCF and gone to another board, and quoted her post in which she says "I'm outta here" - which was in response to Tom (Admin Tom) telling that thread that no anti-kimkins people could post in the kimkins support threads.. yet allowing the Kimkinistas (like fluffybear) to continue to spew their asinine posts all over the Fascination thread! Cleo saw that quite clearly as BIASED moderation and left. (I assume!)

OhYeahBabe said...

Encourage people who were members of Kimkins to join the Kimkins lawsuit!

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