Friday, August 3, 2007

Kimkins Spyware

It has come out now that the Kimkins website has installed new "security" tracking software to find out where their members go when they surf the web. (Source article at KimkinsSucks)

This is very bothersome for many reasons.

Ironically, what comes to mind first is the reaction of some Kimkins members to the posting of information from their site onto other websites. A handful of these members are jumping up and down screaming about their PRIVACY yet, at the same time, saying that it's just fine with them for Kimmer to track their web surfing habits. That's like being pro-death penalty and pro-life at the same time. They cancel each other out. Circuitous logic, at best.

If privacy, as a concept, is important to someone, than the mere thought of anyone tracking their private web surfing would be anathema. You cannot say that person A cannot violate your privacy, but it's fine and dandy for person B to do so.

The other issue that this has caused me to stop and consider is this - the reaction of some of the Kimkins members to forum and blog posts. There are only a few that actually post outside of their safe, santized sanctum of dietary godliness (aka kimkins website), but when they do post, it is nothing but personal insults and other inane drivel designed to hurt the feelings of those they perceive as "against them".

This "us against them" mentality has been thriving lately and it's very scary. These are otherwise well adjusted, intelligent people who are now striking out in any direction, seeking to uphold the virtue of their leader by hurling insults at anyone who dares to question their deity. There is no logic in it, as they offer no factual rebuttals to the information put forth by the "naysayers", only angry spewage.

The common retorts seem to be repeated in a fashion of regurgitation that is both unseemly for someone trying to defend their empire as well as bereft of any valid argument.

Things like -

"You're just mad because you aren't tough enough for Kimkins!"
"Go eat your greasy cheeseburger!"
"Go away and binge on cupcakes and cookies!"

Where do these statements come from? Certainly not the mind of anyone who is sure that they are correct. These highly juvenile and factually incorrect statements are used by those who cannot offer a logical rebuttal but are shocked and angered that anyone dare question She Who Is On High.

The denial of any wrongdoing on Kimmer's part, (denial meaning both the lack of concern as well as the actual denial that there ever was any wrongdoing), coupled with the acceptance of privacy-invading technology to "keep the naysayers away", mixed with the constant sanitzation of free thought on the website, all blended with the angry, snide and childish retorts to any questions paint a very grim picture.

Now, bear in mind that there really are only a handful of Kimkins members that have made these posts. Perhaps even only one or two with a multitude of screen names. If it was there intent to make the "naysayers" look bad and thus improve the overall image of Kimkins, they have failed miserably.

Any thinking person that will read a blog post and read a list of angry, kindergarten attacks by the Kimkins camp versus the fact filled, calm and logical replies of the "naysayers" will develop a clear picture of what is really going on.

Kimmer, it appears that you have a few members on the loose, who may think they are helping you, but only making it worse. You might want to repost your comment / command that they all stop and focus on the "positive" happiness to be found within the Kimkins sanctuary of seclusion.

Also, Kimmer, one more thought.. another oxymoron if you will.

You cannot both claim to dislike any negativity yet at the same time allow and promote negativity towards the opposition - as you have lately on the forums. Tsk tsk. True colors and all that.

p.s. As to the comment that I, and others like me, are not tough enough for Kimkins, here is my reply:

I am too tough to allow anyone to take my money without proving their claims first. I am too tough to allow anyone to control what I can say and where. I am too tough to allow anyone to convince me that something dangerous is actually good for me. I am too tough to allow someone to "sanitize" my thoughts and feelings in order to protect their own interests. I am too tough to fall into a pattern of thought suggested by a leader persona. I am too tough to follow the crowd. I am too tough to trade my desire to be healthy for my desire to be thin. I'm too tough.


OhYeahBabe said...

Paranoid much?

Don't let your friends, or even your enemies, do the Kimkins Diet! Encourage people who were members of Kimkins to join the Kimkins lawsuit!

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