Monday, November 12, 2007

"Atkins Meets Anorexia"

Atkins meets Anorexia was the lead in title used today on The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet.

Anyway, the show!

Here's a recap!

Images of Christin at her home, telling her story.

(She's so beautiful! We love you Christin!) She talks about the images of "Kimmer" on the homepage and her desire to lose weight. The story follows Christin's journey through weight loss to the Woman's World magazine cover and then her health issues that arose. Christin outlines the dangerous advice that Kimmer gave her, including daily laxative use and the questions she asked Kimmer about the safety of the diet in her role as PR Director and her ultimate termination from her role within Kimkins.

Video from the PI showing Kimmer's current visage are shown as well as the Russian Brides website photo theft.

On stage is Deni, (also beautiful! we love you Deni!) Christin, Jeannie and Melanie (SingingLass).

Christin compares Kimkins to anorexia and talks about her medical issues as a result of the diet. Mike brings up "SNATT" and Juliet says that Christin's symptoms sound just like the problems anorexics face.

M and J turn to Jeannie next and ask for a response. Jeannie says that Kimmer is in fact Heidi Diaz. Jeannie then says that there is a full explanation is already on the website, but it was NOT at the time the show aired. It is now, though.

Jeannie admits that Kimmer used poor marketing tactics, but the diet still works! It changes lives! She then goes after Christin and says to Christin that "You were under medical supervision!" and Christin says that she was not. They talk about laxatives and Jeannie says that they only recommend a laxative if someone has "potty problems" and Deni says "that's not what it was when I was on the plan" and Jeannie comes back with "Well, we're always open to making positive changes".

Jeannie has the audacity to tell Christin and Deni that THEY set a bad example for everyone and it was there fault as moderators for not helping others be safe. (BAD JEANNIE!)

Jeannie then says on national TV that Kimmer couldn't be there because of litigation and her deposition today and that Kimkins is currently dealing with a lawsuit. lol.

Deni then tells her story and her and Christin discuss how addictive the Kimkins plan was. Juliet says that it sounds as though they developed an eating disorder and Christin agrees.

Jeannie says that she is at Kimkins to make positive changes, to make every wrong right, as per her promise to the low carb community. She then says that they have a bariatric surgeon who is considering joining the Kimkins team. (Wuh oh.. lol)

Singing Lass is talking about her weight and blames it on steroids. Says that she lost 102 pounds and she stalled on Atkins. Says she was worried about side effects from WLS but the side effects from Kimkins are ok.. lol. Silly girlie! She doesn't look like she's lost 102 pounds........

Jeannie says that she feels like she's in the middle of a terrorist attack..... omg.

Next up.. the dietician and the doctor have a go at the Kimkins plan!

Reg. Dietician Glassman and Dr. Seigel (sp?)

Tippy accidentally sent an email that says "there will be a nutritonalist there as well, that scares me...." to the producer of the show! lol Glassman corrects her and says its "nutritionist", LOL.

The dietician rips right into Jeannie and yells at her for picking on Christin. Says that Heidi has as much right to give diet advice as she does to give legal advice. Says its completely unethical.

Dr. Seigel says the diet is ATROCIOUS. (He also discusses ketosis as a dangerous state for anyone with medical problems). He talks about the egg white challenge on the Kimkins site.

Dietician says the diet is dangerous because of lack of fiber and calcium and very low calories.

Dr. Seigel says that "No self respecting doctor would be
associated with this plan". "It's a total disaster and you could end up in the hospital".

Excellent show! Brava to Christin and Deni! And a special thank you to CJ, Mike and Juliet for bringing much needed national attention to this horrible, dangerous fraud!

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