Friday, October 5, 2007

Wikipedia Article Pulled

Unfortunately, the Wikipedia entry for the Kimkins Controversy has been pulled.

However, we all can keep reposting the information with documentation to show its truthfulness and eventually it will stick!


Quackamole said...

On the positive side, "Kimkins" as a wikipedia search shows no results that are PRO kimkins. Better still, a google search shows a couple of Kimkins sites, almost buried under a URL avalanche of factual anti-kimkins blogs. Our day will come. We have already achieved a heck of a lot, and eventually teflon Heidi will be brought to justice.


Laura said...

They are currently working with the Wikipedia folks to get the pulled Wikipedia Kimkins information back up. The Wikipedia folks are assisting with a rewrite that will hopefully result in the article being able to remain in place.

Thank you everyone for all your efforts.

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