Monday, October 1, 2007

Tippy Tries To Fight Back

This was found on The TRUTH Starts Here blog, comments from Saturday's post.

Re:Heads Up 1 Minute ago
I just have to say it is very bad out there. This has turned out to be a very active hate group. I see no difference in this hate as any other hate, be it for blacks, hispanics, against abortion or whatever. This hate group is snowballing into a larger group all of the time. Thier intimidation and scare tactis are not only unreasonable but quite illegal.

If you have been threatened or intimidated by this group please notify your local authorities and us. These are acts of terrorism.

If you see posts being copied and passed to other sites, please notify me.
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This posted at KK from Tippy this morning.

First - exposing the truth of a fraudulent business (even though it's not technically a business) is NOT an "act of terrorism", nor is it illegal. It is not slander or libel because it is the TRUTH.

Tippy's threatening email to the LCF Admin Melly was illegal. You'd think she'd know the difference.

There is no "hate group". There are a LOT of people all working to get the scam of a website shut down to protect everyone from the dangers present in the diet plans as well as to protect others from giving their money to the scam artist known as Heidi Diaz.

Implying that we are a "hate group" also implies that there is a group of people we "hate". That is simply untrue. We do not hate anyone. We want Heidi Diaz to pay for her crimes and the KK website shut down. We do not even hate Heidi Diaz, we just want her brought to justice, as well as those who are aiding and abetting her.


Kimmerexia said...

Tippy's right. I'm a terrorist.

Once Upon A Dieter said...

I dunno. Can we hate Heidi? Please? :)

Truth is, there are lots of folks PRAYING for Heidi and for the Kimkins members (see the thread over at Jimmy Moore's forum site).

And it's not about hate. It's about outrage. Whistle-blowing in a good cause is a virtue, not terrorism.

Tippy is a dunce.

The Princess

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