Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Tell-Tale Eye

The "eye" from the Kimmer Red Dress photo. Please note the sharp line at the left of the iris that also extends OVER the upper eyelid at the top point of the eyeball graphic. Does that really look like a normal eye?

Below is an enlargement of a normal eye. The iris does not change shape and become triangular nor does the white extend into areas it should not be. The white of the eye can also be seen in the left corner of the eye, where it is supposed to be.

I do hope this explains the eye issue clearly enough. Whether or not you agree that the red dress woman is the same woman in all pics, the eye has clearly been edited, and edited poorly, we might add.


PGHLADY said...

Plus her eyebrow is starting way down at the inside corner of her eye, not ABOVE the eye where a normal brow starts. ;-)

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