Saturday, October 6, 2007

Something To Think About

A new post on the Anti-Kimkins blog raises a very important issue, and one that should be contemplated regardless of which side of the fence one is on.

Please read the full article here at Anti-Kimkins. Below is an excerpt:

No love for LowCarbFriends!

Now that all of the fake success stories have been discovered and confirmed by scores of people across the internet, I see everyone at LowCarbFriends (which I refuse to link) is all abuzz with the information. But I can't help but grumble over the fact that all of this could have been stopped over a year ago when myself and others tried to discuss Kimkins' fake Success Stories photos - and LCF admins promptly shut us up by deleting our threads!!! I remember one thread I put up asking innocently, "do these pictures just not look right to anyone else?" and it was gone within minutes. After that, everything I put up was SANITIZED by the admins, meaning, they EDITED my posts and took out anything I said that referred to Kimmer. And of course, their idiotic policy is to not allow you to discuss their actions on the board, so if you questioned it, they'd delete that too. That's when I closed my account there and vowed never to return. It's so ironic that NOW they decide its okay to slam Kimkins.


Anonymous said...

For years anti-Kimmer posts were deleted.
Off of LCF on private boards, we talked about how her pictures were fake and her diet unsafe. We felt, LCF was getting something out of having Kimmer there. Now, when the Kimmer ship is sinking, they made a turn around.
LCF mods have always had thier favorite pets. You can see it in the Kimmer threads. Posters that are clearly out of line bashing other members are petted, bash a pet and your post will be deleted.

Charlotte said...

I could not agree more; Tom and the admins at LCF are definitely partially guilty in this whole mess.

Kimmer would not have developed the following she did without those in charge at LCF allowing her to post what she wanted.

They enabled her for a long time, removing evidence when she was bitchy to people and cleaning up her controversial threads. They allowed her to have such an overwhelming presence in the Main Lobby, and punished people who confronted her.

It's pretty clear she did a lot of "grooming" of Tom, Cheri and Dottie. She spoke in Jimmy Moore's podcast about how much she liked them and how TOM gave her advice about how to manage her site.

They were scammed by her, just like so many others. Still, shame on them for letting their egos being stroked by some sociopath, cloud their judgement.

I agree, the LCF mods have their favorite pets. They respond well to suck-ups who play to their vanity and make them feel good about themselves.


Alex said...

At one point, I remember where LCF didn't allow links to Ducky's blog in the Fascination thread... and then not too much later, Ducky's blog was being much celebrated and even moderators joined in with ducky avatars.

Not that that's a bad thing, it's just weird to have such big "swings" in political acceptance. It's hard to know what will be okay to post when one minute something is taboo, and the next, it's celebrated (or vice-versa, such as kimmer/kimkins).

Kimmerexia said...

It was so great to be among several who were SEEN at last night!!!



Teri F said...

I can't speak for the LCF mods but I really don't think they did anything wrong. It was a very strange time at LCF when Kimmer dominated the ML. She had ALOT of people snowed. We are on these boards to get support to lose weight. She had a convincing story and many people bought it hook line and sinker. That doesn't make anyone wrong.....just human.

I personally think they did the right thing in letting this play out. I'm a firm believer that everything happens exactly the way it's supposed to and HOPEFULLY, there have been MANY lessons learned from this mess.

Kimmer has caused so many problems for so many people. Let's help each other through the rest of this. Don't give her the satisfaction of seeing us turn on each other. It's tiem to heal and move forward.

Shirley said...

LCF doesn't have pets. They just go with what the majority wants. Just look at Dotty she was Kimmer's #1 fan until the facts started to come out about Heidi. Then she began to censor people who supported Kimkins. Go figure???? While some of the mods there might be volunteers, you can bet there is money involved somewhere. AND while blaming people, don't forget the GREAT JIMMY MOORE who was so into himself and his little business he couldn't see the forest for the trees and it wasn't until he was afraid some of his sponsors might pull out that he changed his tune from being one of the Kimmer's biggest fans to jumping on the anti-Kimkins bandwagon. This entire sordid affair gave a big balk-eye to low carbing.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm... fair weather friends?

Anonymous said...

Did Kim ever explain why she said she knew kimmer?

I noticed she's back at LCF like nothing happened and saying she can't trust other people now?

Did LCF address this?

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