Friday, October 5, 2007

Red Dress Woman - Revisited!

Eating crow is not fun for anyone, ourselves included!

We admit that we were completely convinced that the red dress "Olga" from Elena's Russian Bride's website WAS the red dress photo Kimmer has been using as HER after photo, but!

This evening, a lurker at the LCF Fascination thread found THIS!

The two photos above are found on "Leysa's" profile at another Russian mail-order bride website.

We offer our profound apologies for our insistance that the Olga photos were Kimmer (though we still say there is a strong resemblance! lol)

The saddest part of this is that so many people saw that photo of "Kimmer" and wanted SO BADLY to believe it was possible to become that. To be that person with such an "easy" diet plan and in such a short amount of time - even with no exercise!

Many of us wanted that SO badly that we were willing to forgo common sense, even to the point of ignoring the health warnings and complications that arise from such a dangerous way of eating.

THAT picture - that goal that so many have been striving for and starving for, is nothing but one more of Heidi's lies.

STOP following the Kimkins diets! DO NOT listen to the admins that tell you everything is ok! IT IS NOT OK!

Your health and your very life are NOT worth trying to become that LIE of a picture.


Stop now.


Kimmerexia said...

No apologies necessary. Both sets of pictures are clearly of the very same woman.

Two different "agencies", two different studios, lighting, makeup and shoes, on completely separate dates. Olga's hair is slightly longer and reddish tinted.

Still the very same dress, necklace, face, nose, hands, fingers, and arms.

They're both the same woman!

Kimmerexia said...

KK Dangers: You found the right woman, you just didn't find the right photo of her.

In looking closer at the two dresses, they are different contruction, but the girl's got a very distictive style.

Gaynell said...

Hey, at least crow is low carb!

It doesn't really matter if both sets of pics are of the same woman since we know for a fact that neither of those women is Heidi Diaz aka Kimmer.

We all knew it was a lie. So sweet to see the confirmation.

PGHLADY said...

I just got home and saw the Red Dress lady was found!! Yeah!!! Olga still had a very strong resembalance though!!

Julie said...

Olga was a close match! Maybe they are related.

Cutie said...

WTG on your classy one can fault you on your passion...that's for sure! KUTGW!

HoneyBee said...

We have the perfet match photo now that proves that Heidi Diaz did not use a picture of herself for her after shot that was posted on Kimkins homepage.
So ok....
The other person Olga isn't the same person as Lesya-the red dress Kimmer, so a mistake was made but I find your intentions are blameless.
Heidi Diaz is the one who should be coming out to apologize!!!!

Laura said...

Any luck finding the identity of this other "after" picture?

Once Upon A Dieter said...

I still don't think it's the same woman. It's easily the same or very very similar dress, but then, it's Russia. And it's a simple red dress style. Lots of women could have bought it. I also noticed--going through those damn Russian bride pics for over 3 hours plus--that a lot of the women wore that type of necklace/crucifix/icon thingy.

I think the "Kimmer" one is far prettier in the actual dimensions of her face. Subtle changes can add up to a greater prettiness. If you look at both the heads on and side with its counterparts, the differences are slight, but noticeable in a going back and forth. One's features come across sharper, less pretty. The other softer, rounder, more appealing. Eye color isn't the same, too. Different shoes.

And the women use different names.

The other fake Kimmer--Tatjana--used the same name at three different agencies.

So, if we find Lesya elsewhere, I suspect it's gonna be with the same name.

But, hey, we were all dizzy hoping, so why should you feel bad? :) We wuvs ya...even if it wuz the wrong gal.

The Princess

reesie said...

oh my GOD!!! I can't believe ya'll finally found red dress chick! This is freakin awesome,, you duck detectives rock!!

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