Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Red Dress Woman Revealed

Straps on the dress are the same.
Piping around the edges of the dress are the same.
Off-center part in the hair is the same.
Gold necklace is the same.

The difference is that the first picture has been color-enhanced - the red is more "red" than the other pictures. The hair in the second picture is also color-enhanced, adding artificial reds to the shading.

Others may disagree, but we are absolutely certain they are the same woman.

Here is the photo that Kimmer/Heidi used on her website (and stated in the Jimmy Moore podcast interview) as her "after" picture, presented side by side with images from the Russian brides / dating / modeling website. (Please note the straps of the dress and the gold necklace.)

It does not surprise us at all that Heidi would use stolen images from a website that exploits women in order to perpetrate her scam.

We hope that everyone still associated with the Kimkins website will sever ties immediately.


Once Upon A Dieter said...

I don't think the second gal looks exactly like the first gal. :::shrug:::

The other one they found with the auburn hair and light eyes, THAT was an exact match. So, clearly, "Kim" of WW article's after is a "hot Russian bride".

And another "success story" is an Elena's Model (also from foreign lands).

Seems Heidi figured the search engine was convenient--put in age, hair color, eye color, desired height and weight ranges--and voila, gals who wouldn't be at Kimkins so couldn't complain that their images were stolen and used.

But I think the search for the Red Dress woman is not finished....

The Princess

Anonymous said...

Take those pictures down at once! They aren't kimmer, I mean me..... er....uh Heidi, I mean Kimberly Drake or was that Sharp? Shut up Vincent! Vanessa, you in there too?
I'm blind! I mean I lead the blind or maybe it's the children I lead? Am I the Pied Piper? Oh yeah, those were rats, hmmmmm.
Oh I know, I'm a rat, that's it, it's all becoming clear now........ as mud

Anonymous said...

The shape of the arms, shoulders, and hands appear the same, too.

Anonymous said...

Eh, I just dont see it, not the same woman. Dresses like that are common. Keep searching

LCT Cathy said...

When looking at the middle photo and the eye/eyebrown on the right and the "after" photo in the same area, it seems extremely similar. The noses look the same in pic one and two and her arms both look the same.

I took an informal poll here at home and everyone agreed that it was the same person - go figure.

The thing with some of these Russian Bride sites is that some of these agencies are scams and you can find pictures on several different sites; this may account for it looking just different enough.

It's really hard to tell though because the orientation of the face is different. If I were to take a picture of myself in those three poses, I think I would probably be easily identifiable as the same person but some people don't have an even symetry to both sides of their face and it would look different enough to make you not sure it's the same person.

My two cents.

GingerSue said...

There is a larger, uncropped version of the red dress photo, with the model standing next to a pedestal or column. I thought I had saved it, but now can't find it. If you can get a copy of it, you might have a better view of the dress to compare it to the Russian woman.

Anonymous said...

The hands are exactly the same. The hair is the same length and the same cut. Come on.... what are the odds Kimmer is a dead match for some Russian chick? You really have to pretzel logic to come to that conclusion.

Anonymous said...

Well that can't possibly be Kimmer because she's got hair and she's not wearing a size XXXXXXL pair of gray sweatpants. Where are the boxes of cookies and quarter pounders?!

Danielle said...

I'm new to this whole saga, so I'm just catching up. I was wondering if you could update this with the pictures they have at Kimkins Exposed, under the heading "introducing 'kimmer'".

They're much better.

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Party on Tours said...

three photo are same,little bit difference between them.different pose of one women.