Thursday, October 11, 2007

"Love To Know" Reviews Kimkins

The Love To Know website has reviewed the Kimkins diet plan - take a look at THIS ARTICLE. Below is an excerpt.

Brief History of the Kimkins Plan

"Kimkins" is named after "Kimmer", the user name of a weight loss forum visitor. Kimmer shared her weight loss experience in the forum, chronicling her successes and her failures. When she reported a drastic weight loss-- 160 pounds in seven months-- she developed almost a cult following. Fellow forum posters wanted to know how she did it, so Kimmer painstakingly answered questions and offered advice, and others lost dramatically, too! Soon Kimmer took her weight loss plan to the masses, creating a website and appearing in Woman's World magazine.

Who Is Kimmer?

The exact identity of Kimmer remains a mystery. Woman's World magazine identified her as Kim Drake, but websites have named her as Heidi Diaz. Kimmer herself has never offered her name, neither on the message boards or her own website, but she has given some information about her identity:

  • She is a lifetime dieter, learning by research and trial-and-error rather than medical school
  • She is a former welfare mom
  • She is a California housewife

New developments: it has recently been proven by a private investigator that Kimmer is Heidi Diaz and that she is still overweight. Further, the pictures used on her site as testimonials have been found on Russian mail-order sites. The before and afters are fake.

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