Tuesday, October 2, 2007


If you're in the LA area, we hope you were watching KTLA's News at 10!

10PM tonight, they aired a story by Chip Yost - exposing the Kimkins / Heidi Diaz Scam!

If you are not local, please visit the KTLA Website HERE and watch for a webcast sometime later this evening!

Many, many people have contributed to this story and we thank everyone for keeping this under wraps until we had the final confirmation from KTLA.

GREAT WORK everyone!

Bye bye Kimkins!


Kimmerexia said...


Cutie said...

heidi...did you get a new wig, hun?

Kimkins Dangers said...

It does look like a new wig. AND a new car! Gotta spend those dollahs before "the man" comes' a lookin'. Haha.

Cutie said...

my bad...i overlooked the new car!

must need more reliable transportation for a speedy getaway, perhaps?

Cutie said...
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Once Upon A Dieter said...

Was it a BMW? I do wonder.

What a delight. I watched the KATV report like five times. :D

It was like having dessert. A really good, gooey, fatty, caloric dessert that made your tummy feel warm and full. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

The Princess

reesie said...

This is incredible!! :D

Doggygirl said...

Great job to all who were involved in getting this story on the news.

K said...

and still her followers say they don't care, just as long as THEY lose weight!
They live as if they're an "Island Unto Oneself".
Kiminites need to know that they can get very lonely out there all alone.

Laura said...

KTLA News Exclusive! Internet Diet Scam Exposed!


Here's a link directly to the video:


Here are the Private Investigator's notes!!!


Here's the transcript from the broadcast:


CissyLynn said...

I was downright giddy when I saw the video this morning and can't wait to see Part II. I hope they eventually will take her down for all her other scams too! Don't ever steal from me or piss me off when I'm hungry!

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