Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Kimmer - A Government Spy?

(photo from LCF poster - great job!)

Haha! Yes, it is a funny thought, isn't it? However, Kimmer seems to believe it's true, or should we say "The Kimmer". Posted at the LCF Kimmer thread this afternoon is a private message sent to a member from The Kimmer herself. We have outside confirmation that this is indeed an authentic PM from The Kimmer.

She has said this before, along with claims of having worked in aerospace long ago. Whether she ever really worked at Hughes Aircraft or not, at this point in time, any "security clearance" she was given then would not still be in affect today.

WillSheBanMe said...
She had the friggin' nerve to tell me this in a private message today:

What a sweet note! The problem is that I am not Heidi. If you read my post earlier, I took Heidi's identity (if you want to call it that) when I first started posting on the internet. It was new and scary to me. I have a national security clearance and wasn't about to give any of MY information on a public source.

Heidi isn't bothered by the TV thing at all. She owns part of Kimkins and that's as far as her involvement goes. I needed someone to be "me" when I met Catherine who I didn't know. She had some kind of tax evasion problem in
Canada and moved to Malta. Not somebody I'm going to divulge personal secrets to.

I know you're offering the very best support and that's so important to me. Please keep up the good work, keep the challenge going -- lose weight!
That's why we're here.



Mirtika said...

I think she's angling for the insanity defense. No other possible explanation for the craziness.

I stand in wonder at the audacity.

The Princess

Hogsfan said...

I agree. The logic here is simply astounding. Let's think through what she just said...

"When I don't trust people enough to give them my own information, I give them my friend’s info instead so if anything bad happens, it will happen to her and not me...oh, and she's totally cool with that."

If that was a true story (which we know it isn't), that story alone--apart from all the other insanity--would be enough to make any logical person completely disregard any other "advice" the women gave.

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