Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Kimmer Continues The Lies

From The TRUTH Starts Here - Another reaction from Kimmer to the KTLA News story. She can try as hard as she wants to say that "Kimmer" is not Heidi Diaz, but the proof is there. All the evidence that is needed to prove Kimmer's identity as Heidi K. Diaz is in the hands of those that can act upon it. Fascinating psychologically, we repost it here for your reading.

We are surprised that the extent of their investigation was to post information from the anti-Kimmer websites. We cannot make this any more plain that I am not Heidi. She and I have been friends since high school and when I began posting on the internet nearly 10 years ago I used Heidi. As I've mentioned, I also use other names when writing, particularly for men's magazines. Heidi is an owner of and nothing more. How do I say this nicely? She doesn't "care" about Kimkins. Her interests are in other areas entirely. I did not trust Catherine (former partner) and Heidi stepped in as me. She has not seen the news clip but I will be seeing her this weekend.

The news clip me of the "diet review" done by which also only parrots the anti-Kimmer blogs. No medical review. No impartiality. Hundreds of pro-Kimkins members wrote to Laura Dolson (who was impressed with their intelligence she told me), but didn't change her review at all.

Oh well, can't win them all.

The focus of has always been about weight loss. We want to keep that focus. We've had 3 new success stories submitted this week and CONGRATS to those members! We'll have them up soon and thanks for your generosity in sharing to motivate others!

The Kimkins partners have formed a management group headed by Tippy Toes. All of the admins, partners, staff and I are hard at work behind the scenes making Kimkins a bigger and better site for our members. Tippy Toes has graciously accepted responsibility for coordinating everyone (when does that girl sleep) and she's doing a stellar job!

If anyone has questions, ask an admin! Danielle & Wannabefit2 are Kimkins staffers. We appreciate the enormous amount of time all admins donate to Kimkins members. They are extremely generous people.

We've got some exciting features to announce very soon -- all designed to help with life_style_ changes for permanent weight loss. Stay tuned

Laura said...

The Metamorphosis of the Kimkins Diet Scam

When you go to, you will no longer see the "Lady in Red" or Kimmer bragging about how she created Kimkins and lost 198 lbs. in 11 months. So, if it's not on the website, who can prove she ever said it?

Just because you take something off your website, that doesn't completely erase it.

Check this out!

Imagine that?! ;)

Check out how the website looked in July of 2006:

Notice she claims to have lost 160 lbs. in just 7 months? And that she went from 318 to 118 in less than a year?

Back in the day, Kimkins was just $14.95.

regandy said...

Concerning the "I'm not Heidi" rhetoric --

If repeated often enough, she could ACTUALLY believe that she is NOT the same person. I feel a 'split-personality' scam about to happen. Can you hear that "insanity" plea coming?

K said...

Now we have to remember that kimmer had to use Heidi's name to protect kimmer's National Security Clearance!


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