Monday, October 1, 2007

Kimmer Admits She Lied

Well, not exactly "admitted" but, admitted by default, as it were. The KK website has undergone another transformation over the weekend and incriminating evidence has been removed. To us, this indicates and admission of guilt. Why would Heidi remove the Red Dress Woman if that really was her picture? Why would Heidi remove the statement that the diet was created by her after she lost 198 pounds in 11 months if it was true?

The pictures and the claims were simply lies and now they have been scrubbed from the website. What does this mean?

Heidi knows she is being scrutinized. Heidi knows she has to cover her ass quickly before someone actually does knock on her door. Heidi believes that she can re-write history and pretend those claims never happened.

She is being scrutinized. It's too late to cover her ass. She cannot re-write history, for we will not forget and all of the screen shots and records and server backups are already preserved.

It is almost amusing to note that despite her boastful claims that she is above the law, she continues to panic, lash out, and attempt to "clean" her website to hide the lies.

Too late, Heidi.


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