Wednesday, October 3, 2007

"Kimkins Wurkt Fer Me"

An interesting discussion found on the ALC Kimmer thread:

Poster A is defending the Kimkins diet, although claiming her caloric intake was 1600-1800 cals per day (which is obviously NOT Kimkins).

Poster B gave an excellent response.

Poster A:

But don't you think that all those people ultimately had a hand in what happened to themselves? No one can force *anyone* to go on a diet.
No one can force anyone to eat less food or eat more food. We make our *own* choices (hopefully based on common sense) and blaming one single person for something that people chose to do to themselves just seems strange to me.
Everyone has thier *own* brain and the power to use it.

In my experience with Kimkins, I found that the diet worked for me.
Granted, I did keep my calories up to 1600 to 1800 per day, never used laxatives and since I am over 350 pounds it certainly did help me to lose a lot of water retention and made my legs feel a whole lot better then they were feeling previously and that just by itself was a good thing.

It just seems to me that people are mainly ticked off because they got ripped off a few dollars and never got what was promised but things have been going on like that since time began.

Then later said:

Okay, I just read this here (as I do not subscribe to the Kimkins site) and even I have to admit that the woman does need to be in a nice well-padded safe rubber room.

Pretending not to be yourself is just weird.
Poster B:

Almost as weird as pretending there is no such thing as "starvation mode", pretending that it's the paid members fault when their bodies begin to devour their organ muscles because they are suffering from malnutrition.

Almost as weird as pretending diet plans are safe for ALL diabetics and that feeling nauseous all the time is NORMAL and even desirable.

Almost as weird as sitting behind a computer, urging people to starve themselves to death while weighing 300+ pounds and eating sugar cookies. while telling them that they are too weak for the plan and not tough enough to stick to it and they just really WANT to be fat and miserable.

Anyone who even pretends that Kimkins is remotely "safe" or okay at this point, knowing all of the information that is out there, is aiding and abetting the crimes.

Christin lost a lot of weight on Kimkins. She looks fantastic. She's also seeing a cardiologist to undo the damage the malnutrition caused to her heart. She said that she wanted to be thin to ensure she'd have a long life with her family and she may have unwittingly shortened her life expectancy because she believed the lies that Heidi is selling.

The whole "well Kimkins wurkt fer me" crap has got to stop.

Mimi said...

happy munchkin dance ... Ding Dong, the bitch is dead! And her little website, too.

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