Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Kimkins Member Responds

This is very sad.. really. First, the poor poster obviously does not care that Heidi Diaz is a completely and utter fraud, but also believes her scam of a diet will actually help her, blissfully unaware of the health risks she will face as a result of prolonged malnutrition. All we can say is that we HOPE this poster sees Part 2 of the Kimkins Expose on KTLA tonight.

(posted bu dancer2be) Kimkins bad news story 14 Minutes ago
I was innocently sitting here this morning getting ready for work. When the news teases.....a popular diet poses a health risk, so I glance over and see kimkins on the screen, I thought OH GREAAAAAT!

Well that had nothing to do with the story.

The store was about kimkins founder being a fraud. Stating that the pic in the red dress is a fake and she is still at her start weight. And since the report the red dress pic was taken down.

You know what??? I DON'T CARE!!!!! This diet WORKS!!!

They continued to say people are charged the 59 dollar lifetime fee and are ripped off....excuse me? 59 dollars for the rest of my life?!?! We've all seen the comparison chart for the other diets monthly and yearly costs let alone lifetime, 59 is a BARGAIN price!!!

There was a gal featured, I did not catch her name, but she gave a report with her experience saying the diet didn't work. Well girly, did you quit? Give up? Cuz I, along with MANY others are losing weight here DAILY!!!!!!!!

This is absurd and people like to bad mouth the unfamiliar, find anything they can to say yet another diet did not work.

I don't care if the founder is a size 26 or a 00 if you work this diet it works!!!!!!!!!

I watched it on Ktla channel 5 in Los Angeles, their website is but I don't know if anything is on there, I say we all write them and say this diet WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
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(posted by wettybauer99) Re:Kimkins bad news story 11 Minutes ago

how can you all say you dont care?

I was the BIGGEST personal supportr of Kimmer...the woman herself.....all the can you blindly say "i dont care!"

(posted by tnvol) Re:Kimkins bad news story 5 Minutes ago

Don't care? I was lied to. I am worried about my health, is the "founder" is not real, then how do you believe the diet is?!! I CARE!!


Robin said...

dancer2be; $59 for a lifetime . . . only until you post something that is not agreeable or post somewhere else that is not acceptable. Many of us had "lifteime" memberships. We are still alive. . . . our memberships are not.

Mimi said...

Cheers, applause, and more cheers to whoever created the Jailkins graphic!


Anonymous said...

nice, you posted my pulled post here without my permission, i think you should remove it!!! I will disclaim that since that post where I was unknowledgeable to the rest of the crap with this kimkins diet fiasco scam I NOW know what the hell this is all about. So talking shit about me is BS. I posted that early this morning, now it is 2:47 and I have been banned from Kimkins, refunded my money for Kimkins and moving on with my life. I have been reading on a kimkins scandal website all afternoon. Anyway that is what is up with me do not assume I am ALL FOR A CHEAT AND SCAMMER when I did not know all the info prior to.


I am posting anon because I don't feel like going through the registration crap.

Kimkins Dangers said...


First, we are very happy to hear that you've removed yourself from the scam that is Kimkins! We hope you'll seek out a supportive environment such as Jimmy Moore's forum to call your new home. Amazing how quickly things can change, isn't it?

Secondly, we are not "talking shit about" you at all. Your post is indicative of many and a prime example of how people are being misled inside the KK website, and it will remain.

I hope many will follow your example and make a hasty retreat from Kimkins!

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