Friday, October 5, 2007

Kimkins Controversy On Wikipedia

The Kimkins controversy is now an official entry on Wikipedia! Let's hope it sticks this time. Previous Kimkins entries that explained the scam and fraudulent activity of Kimkins and Heidi Diaz were removed. In light of new information and proof of these scams, this article should remain!

You can read the entire article here:

Kimkins Controversy - Wikipedia

Here is an excerpt:

The Kimkinsdiet was originally conceived by Heidi Diaz, also known as "Kimmer," while she was a participant in the Low Carb Friends website and message boards. Her claimed 198 lb weight loss in only 11 months inspired others to follow her example, and soon she left Low Carb Friends and started her own site,, with a business associate.

A feature about the Kimkins diet in a June 2007, Woman's World magazine catapulted the membership from hundreds to an estimated 40,000 members in a matter of days. A fee of $59.95 is required for a lifetime membership which gives access to the diet plans and online support forums and resources. However, some users, including administrators and a former partner, claim to have been immediately and permanently banned from the site - typically with no automatic refund of "lifetime" membership fee - after questioning Diaz's identity, photos, and business practices.

The diet itself was initially described by Diaz as a combination of the Atkins and Stillman diets, basically the low-carb of Atkins combined with the low-fat of Stillman. Numerous members of reported dramatic weight loss successes. The website featured numerous success stories of reputed members.


toots said...

What I would LOVE to know, is when articles are written oh, say, by Women's World, aren't these articles VERIFIED? Seems to me, that not only is this irresponsible, but it's downright dangerous since people would infer an article in a magazine such as this as an endorsement regardless of any disclaimer by said magazine.

It's terrifying and infuriating to me that WW ran this article without doing any research. Did they interview Heidi Kimberly Diaz in person? Did they not contact any of those AFTER pictures (which, by the way, did not include before pics).

ilookswell said...

I'm curious: if Kimmers if 50 (49 according to, then how can her mother be only 39?
Also, if she's only 5'3" tall, how come 150lbs on her looks slimmer than 150 on me at 5'8"?
Gotta wonder..

Kimmerexia said...

wikipedia article has gone poofy.

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