Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Heidi Diaz Responds To The News

In a very odd post, Heidi Diaz tries to answer the questions about the news program. Here is what she had to say (or rather.. not say): (our comments are in red)


Maybe I can shed some light? (Well, yes, yes you could. Start by telling the truth.)

The point of this website -- the entire reason it exists -- is to help people lose weight. When there's interference with that intent, we take action. (The only interference is YOU Heidi, and your lying, scamming ass.) Whether that is banning troublemakers (Troublemakers is not defined as "people who speak the truth or ask questions") or removing elements that distract from our purpose, we do it.

Personally I don't like negativity on this site. (Personally, I think you're insane.) I've said it a thousand times and I still mean it. If anyone is unhappy or disillusioned, there are a ton of other websites to vent your feelings. Or, start an anti-Kimmer blog like the popular kids . Sorry, bad humor. Everyone is 100% to their opinion. Absolutely. Just take the negative opinions elsewhere. (Negative opinions? You don't think you deserve to hear those or be called to task to answer them?)

Or, you could just lose weight? (SO COULD YOU)

Those of you who have been members since the website started have seen regular changes to the front page. (Yes, regularly, as we all uncover new lies and scams, you remove the evidence!) I think we are on #5 facelift ? Our graphic guys get bored and every few months they get an urge to make changes. Unfortunately, this change was stopped midway. The brother of our lead graphic person is having open heart surgery (Oh another call for pity, eh?) and the balance of the design changes have been postponed a few days.

They've got ideas for another front page change a few months from now. It's the nature of the beast. (Yeah, changing the name from Kimkins to Jailkins)

Anonymous said...

Wow, she didn't address a single thing.

Mirtika said...

I would hope that even the diehard Kimkinettes will notice how utterly lame that was.

The graphic guys get BORED? They spontaneously start changing things? And the surgery just so happens to coincide with the expose on tv?

Uh-huh. Sure. And I look just like Angelina Jolie, only cuter. (Snarf.)

Heidi needs to brainstorm better excuses. Those suck.

The Princess

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