Tuesday, October 9, 2007

FL State Health Board on Dr. Mark Brinson

Received in Email -

Okay I just got off the phone with somebody at the Florida Department of Health in Tallahassee, Medical Quality Assurance Service, who says Dr. Mark is an acupuncturist. Period. She then handed me over to the Florida Board of Acupunture (or Acupuncturists ... whatever)
They confirmed that Dr. Mark Brinson is licensed to practice acupuncture.
He is NOT licensed to practice anything else at this time including massage therapy.
However, under something called "scope of practice" Dr. Mark is allowed to engage in "nutritional counseling."


KimATC said...


HoneyBee said...

Thank you for the update of information.
-Did they define what they considered nutritional counseling by any chance?

-Did anyone verify that he is allowed to have the title DR. or was that clarified by other means?

Mimi said...

Is it possible that Heidi "sold" some portion of Kimkins.com to Dr. Mark? I'm curious as to the timing of his appearance on the site.

KimATC said...

Fit Guru is personal trainer Nick Clark in Florida. He's already starting to sell items to kimkins members

If it is helpful...I have a website where you can get all of these items for a discounted price. www.nickclarkfitness.com. If you want to order from my website, email me at clarkuab9@hotmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and I can give you specific item # which will fit you best.

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Dr. Mark Brinson said...

This is an open note to the posters on this forum from me, Dr. Mark Brinson.

I am AMAZED at the libelous comments posted on this blog by people that have never attempted to contact me, ever.

I am not a mystery. I do not have any secrets about my past or present. I am happy to answer any questions that you may have.

A few answers/responses to your comments:

1. My school did lose its accreditation and close, several years after I graduated. It was a four year post graduate program. When I entered, the MINIMUM education that you could enter with is the equivilent of a bachelors. Now, programs require pre-med, or medically related Bachelors.

2. My class started with 36 and graduated 8 due to its difficulty. Do you know physical therapy classes start with around 30-50?

3. Traditional Chinese Medicine is what I practice, blending it with principals from Western Manual Medicine. I am not an MD nor would I want to be. Drugs and surgery have their place but dont fix everything. True healing comes from seeing both sides of medicine for what they are good for and using them.

4. I started my career 18 years ago as a personal trainer, then massage therapist, then director of rehabilitation, educator and finally Doctor of Oriental Medicine. My license supercedes any other license or title that I have held in the past, thus, no renewal of my massage therapy license or personal trainer certifications. Makes sense huh, again, just ask.

5. I do not, nor have ever, practiced outside the scope of my license, or "practiced medicine without a license". I have a license thank you. Many of the discrepancies come from the law in YOUR state differing from Florida. One of you was overzelous enough to file a complaint with the florida department of health against me. Upon extensive investigation that involved coming to my home and office, they found NO grounds for the complaint and found every aspect of my business and practice in order. My family and I really thank you for that one. I know the internet allows anonymity but please remember the people you are persecuting are real.

6. Is Dr. Brinson qualified to answer questions on Health, Diet, Exercise etc? Over the years I have treated thousands of patients and have thousands of alumni all over the world. What about the patients that fly in from other countries for my specialized expertise? You could ask any of them and they would tell you that I am infinitly qualified to do that and much more. Can I help with everything? Of course not. Do I try my hardest to give people the right advice and help them as quickly as possible? Of course!

7. Did I know what I was getting myself into with Kimkins? No. My only knowledge of the diet and the plan is in the initial research I did on the kimkins website. The plan seemed solid, SHORT TERM, and the message boards were full of people that really needed help. I like to help, alot. I did not know the history of the diet, that it had recently changed, or some of the crazy advice that had been given in the past. Now, mind you, I am an advocate of a higher protein, complex carb, eat often diet. Not the way it was given before I arrived on the site.

8. He gave bad information.
I have to disagree there. I was throw into what I though was a pool of fish that needed honest help. What I was really in was an ocean of sharks, most of which were just trying to trick me at every turn. My biggest regret is taking the time to care about these people, researching and writing specific comments intended to help them. Turns out they were just looking for help in bringing the evil Kimmer down.

A note to end things, hopefully.

My whole adult life has been dedicated to helping people. When I figured out many of the mysteries of medicine, I strove to help more people by teaching others to do what I do. They say that you can tell alot about a person by the company they keep. People do make mistakes however so how about givin me a break....or at least the benefit of the doubt.

Yours in Health,
Mark T. Brinson DOM, AP, CNMT