Monday, October 29, 2007

Fitness Guru Gone!

After wondering why Fitness Guru hadn't been posting after his last comment that no diet should ever go lower than 1200 calories, which is completely NOT Kimkins... we did a bit of research with some help.

We finally received an email from Nick Clark, aka Fitness Guru stating that he is no longer associated with

The email did not contain any information about why or if he has been banned.

Now to convince "Dr." Mark to take a leaf from Fitness Guru's book.


Mimi said...

Very interesting!!!!!! I hope he will explain the details of his departure!

Did Heidi fire him? Then of course as we all suspected, the "new ownership" thing was just another lie.

Or did TIPPY ban him?

Or did he choose of his own free will to quit?

Or did his company demand that he choose between his day job and his Kimkins job?

Sure, the bizarro mystery of Fitness Guru pales in comparison to the exponentially bizzaro-er mystery of Heidi herself.

But while we're waiting for the feds to shut down the Kimpire and waiting for the courts to shut down Heidi, these submysteries do serve to further emphasize the really astounding extent to which Heidi's scam has affected so many lives -- from a singing Mormon psychic in Oregon, to a quack acupuncturist in Florida, to thousands of desperately dieting women across America, to young men in Malaysia hired to pretend to be hyperactive overachieving Kimkinoids, to Russian mail order brides!

The world of The Kimmer is a wild, wild world indeed!

Kimmerexia said...

He may not have posted for a while, but he's still showing up as an Admin.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Well said!

marnaewilson said...

I have a hard time believing that Singinglass is Mormon. Isn't she the one who drinks and sleeps around? Doesn't sound like a Mormon to me.

Anonymous said...

These comments about the physician in Florida are slanderous and irresponsible. Your group has attacked him without knowing ONE THING about him or his scope of practice. Shame on you.

Kimkins Dangers said...

Anonymous, it's not slander if it's TRUE. If you re-read the post, we checked with the Florida State Department of Health on his current licensing! HE IS NOT a Primary Care Physician! He is an acupuncturist! That does NOT give him the required medical background to be giving out diet advice! Hello? What exactly do you not get about that?

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