Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Christin Discusses Kimmer's Low Calorie Advice

Updating her blog today, Christin has an informative post discussing the advice given by Kimmer/Heidi herself to cut calories and keep them dangerously low. Here is an excerpt. Please read the full post HERE at Christin's blog!

It has recently been suggested that people such as myself abused the Kimkins plan by cutting our calories to unhealthy levels on our own in opposition of the true intent of the plan. I am sorry to say that this is not true.

Tippy said: "I think it was well said previously that Kimkins diet has been abused by some members at their own doings who now point the finger in blame towards us." This statement is incorrect. This is the way we were instructed to follow the plan "correctly."

It saddens and sickens me to admit this about myself, but I feel that I must share in order to bring to light proof of the eating disordered behavior that I not only engaged in, but was encouraged in.


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