Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bay News 9 in Tampa Needs Info!

From ALC:

Reporter Michelle Kay, at Bay News 9 in Tampa, Florida, is interested in doing an expose' of the fundraising scam.

Note: "interested in" ... not "committed to" ... 'cause she needs some PROOF before she can commit to doing the story.

She's looking for:

1. victims of the scam (meaning, people who were kind-hearted enough to actually donate money) who are willing to be interviewed on camera

2. screen shots (not copy/pastes) of actual posts, pm's, and/or emails written by Jeannie S. Baitinger a.k.a. "Tippy Toes" which prove that:
a) Jeannie was in charge of the "Kimmer's Kids" fundraiser
b) Jeannie is still in charge of fundraising activities ("for charity") at

We were trying our best to keep this quiet and word behind the scenes, but a week now has passed and so far no one has come forward. Perhaps too much time has passed already, and if so, there's no sense in trying to interest the media in this aspect of the whole Kimmer/Kimkins thing.

When speaking of this matter, everyone please remember to stick to the facts only, those being:

The California State Ombundsman's Office says there weren't any foster children at the time of the fundraisers -- and the Community Care Licensing office (Virna Wright, contact person) says it's illegal for anyone to take donations for foster children, real OR fake, by actively raising those funds and/or accepting those funds. Jeannie S. Baitinger of Zephyrhills Florida ("TippyToes" or "Tippy") spearheaded the Kimmer's Kids fundraisers, and the money was sent to Heidi K. Diaz of Corona California ("Kimmer"). These are the facts. They are not allegations and they are not libel.

We hope for an official investigation into this matter, and if crimes have been committed, we hope for justice to be done.

Who to contact:
Michelle Kay
News desk: 727-29-2400
Toll-free: 888-437-1239

Further info:


Mimi said...

PS Kd - my oops re the News Deck phone number -- the prefix is 329. Sorry for the omission! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Screenshots e-mailed.

Thank you.

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