Sunday, October 7, 2007

Attention Kimkins Affiliates

This was posted at LCF and we're reposting it here, as it is VERY important for all Kimkins affiliates to pay attention to this information.

Attention all past and present Kimkins affiliates!

On October 3rd, I emailed Heidi to ask that she pay me my affilate fees. They were only $45.00 because I had removed her banners from my website earlier in the month. I received an email from her in which she said they were paid by the 5th and she would ask them to do mine first. Thirty minutes later, I received an email from a "Brad Johnson" the supposed current affiliate manager. He told me they were reviewing my account for payment and that I needed to include my Social Security # for payment! Ummm, yea...sure. Do I have stupid written on my forehead? Like I'd give her my SS# so she can run off to Venezuela and become ME! LOL I wrote "him" back saying I received all my previous payments without the SS# and that with all the KK controversy going on, I would NOT be giving them my SS#. Of course, the 5th came and went and no payment. So, I wrote Heidi back this morning telling her what "Brad" said and that I would appreciate her having them pay me today. Here's what I received back.

"Hi Lisa,

The computer will not allow payment until your earnings reach the minimum $45.00 and there was a refund yesterday which subtracted an earned commission. Your current balance is $29.98.

It's your choice to not provide a social security number. Kimkins will send this email to the IRS with your name and address so they can contact you for the information.


Was she threatening me with the last paragraph?? LOL Here was my final response to her:


Yes, please do forward it to them, since they already have my SS#, so they can contact me. I have a lot I'd like to tell them, myself.


So, now all of a sudden, a refund was posted to my account the day after I ask for payment? She's going to refund me right into the red until I owe her money. LOL

To get to main point of my post. If you know anyone who was or is a Kimkins affilate, PLEASE have them go into their accounts and first take a screen shot of what they are owed by Kimkins. Then have them change their contact information. Since the new site upgrade, there is a place in the affiliate accounts that asks for an SS#.

I had never filled it in. This morning, I went in to delete my account which cannot be done. So, I changed all my contact information, name, address, phone number, etc. to bogus information.
Exampe, I just put a single letter for both my first and last name, 123 "I Don't Think So" for the address and 123-456-1234 for the phone number. Just something to fill in the blanks so you can update it.

PLEASE pass this around to people you know and feel free to continue reposting it off and on in this forum and any others. As a disclaimer, I am not accusing Heidi of anything, but with the present controversy, I think we all would agree that we would not want her or her employees to have our personal contact information, let alone our SS#'s. Since we KNOW there was no Vanessa, I'm sure there is no Brad either.

Thanks for your help in advance.



Avenue Girl said...

I myself went into my affiliate account and removed information before I outed myself from kimkins. I have all intentions to report the income, and don't feel Heidi needs access to my SS# or private info.

I luckily have a PO BOX and did leave that address in the contact information. A funny thing though, I think you and I share the same phone number now! LOL.

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