Friday, September 21, 2007

Updates from the Blogosphere

We at Kimkins Dangers are currently working on a new project with the Kimkins scams. It will take a few days for us to gather all of the necessary information and get it to the correct parties, but we will post what we can as it develops.

In the meantime, here is an update from around the web!

Kimkins Exposed - New articles about moles, both paid and "voluntary" discovered on LCF. Updates about SingingLass and her sycophantic antics. TippyToes discovered to be the author of the so-called "e-book". Read about these and more at Kimkins Exposed!

Becky's Blog - Winning Weight Loss - Becky has a new post on her blog today, a very well written summary of the Kimmer issue. Please take a moment to read it!

The TRUTH starts here - offers a fascinating look at private messages between Kimmer and her minions. The real reason people were banned, the paranoia and spying that goes on between the admins of the KK forums is readily apparent in these leaked messages! Read them HERE.

The LCF and ALC forum threads about Kimmer are hopping! In a hysterical show of solidarity, almost every single poster on both threads has installed a DUCK avatar, showing support for Ducky at Kimkins' Exposed and playing on the paranoid fears of Heidi Diaz/Kimmer!

New blogs and articles - we haven't had time to review all of them, but present the links here for you to go and check them out!

Kimkins Circus
Cindy's Low Carb Life
SparkPeople Anti-Kimkins Thread
Weight Loss at Families.Com
Her Name Is Aphrodite
T-Tapp Forums
Random Thoughts & Twisted Threads

Lawsuit Update: The lawyer for the Kimkins class action lawsuit has begun contacting potential plaintiffs in the case. You may receive an email with information pertaining to the lawsuit. Please respond to the mail ASAP to be sure you are included in the suit!

Happy Reading!

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