Monday, September 17, 2007

Update on Foster Children Fundraiser Issue

One of our colleagues (a very hardworking investigative soul) has been working to uncover more information about Heidi's claims of being a foster parent and the fundraiser that took place on the Kimkins website for the alleged foster children.

As the State of CA Foster Care stated that Heidi has not been paid a foster parent stipend for nearly seven years (which indicates that she had no foster children through the State program), our unnamed source began to contact the private foster care agencies in Riverside County, CA. The research led her to the Community Care Licensing Agency, the office that is the overseer agency "in charge of all the private foster family agencies."

Our colleague spoke with Virna Wright, who has never heard of Heidi K. Diaz and who also made a very important statement. Virna said that "foster parents are not allowed, EVER, to raise or accept funds on behalf of the foster children in their care."


So, what are we left with?

Either - Heidi had foster children through some agency that is not registered with the private foster agencies OR the State of California (which is rather unlikely, don't you think?) and accepted funds on their behalf, which is ILLEGAL.


Heidi never had any foster children and accepted funds on behalf of the figments of her imagination.

No matter which is true, Heidi is in trouble. If she had foster children, she broke the law by accepting money on their behalf. If she did not have foster children, she accepted money for a fraudulent fundraiser.

Let's not forget that Jeannie Baitinger, aka TippyToes, the new Kimkins Director of Public Relations, was the member that spearheaded the fraudulent fundraiser, and is now further implicated in the deception.


Memememe said...

Let's also not forget that Ms. Tippy Toes refuses to apologize for that fraud and further explains it off by saying "we raised the money for Heidi to do with as she sees fit." Um...wtfever. Tippy is just as guilty, and hopefully she will be prosecuted with Heidi.

Anonymous said...

We've already established that Heidi is a master at not saying things by strong misdirection. On reading this, I have to say Heidi was accepting money for "adults" who were leaving foster care w/o adequate preparation. The money wasn't for their ongoing fostering, but after the end of it. In which case, her receiving and using the money was legal, but way less than ethical.Be careful of misusing "foster" as TT did.

Not so fast, Anonymous!

The fundraiser was touted as being a way to raise money for Heidi's FOSTER CHILDREN, not her "adults that lived in the house but needed to move out". It was promoted as raising funds for WHEN they were ready to move and definitely said FOSTER CHILDREN, not "former foster children".

Also, there are literally hundreds of posts where Heidi talks about her foster children - which is also HIGHLY frowned upon by the Foster Care agencies.

She (and TippyToes) led people to believe that she had foster children in her care at the time of the fundraiser.

Either she lied, and therefore committed fraud.. or she had them and committed a crime.

There is no way to rationalize that away.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Why she hasn't been banned from LCF yet. She is fooling the admins there.
She blantantly LIES on the BBB atributing ALL her weightloss to where she is a Paid PR person and an admin.
And encourages people to do kimkins at LCF by teling us that is how she maintains her weight after over eating---which is so obviously trying to get more people to sign up with her over at Kimkins site.
How is this not a violation of the LCF TOS?

btw memememe Tippy said she is starting Another fundraiser, this time for the diabetes foundation, I wonder how she and Heidi are going to swing it so that they get the actual monies? OH YEAH. they are going to donate Anonymously! hahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Original Anonymous here: Heidi specifically said the money was for her fosters that were turning 18, to buy them items no longer provided by the state. Also, her elder son's ex stated that Heidi had 2 foster kids a
short while ago. I'm not sticking up for Heidi the Scammer, but sticking up for certain revealed facts as stated in order to maintain credibility. Does she have fosters now? Doubt it. Did she at the time of the purported scam? If they weren't legal fosters, then it's possible. I'd dig some more before making B&W blanket statements.

Kimkins Dangers said...

Anonymous, I'm not sure if you didn't read the complete post or my comment reply or what, but listen..

IF she actually had foster children, then she broke the law by fundraising and accepting funds on their behalf.

IF she did NOT have foster children, then she committed fraud by accepting funds on their behalf.

Either way, it's fraud.

We are not making blanket B&W statements. We outlined the two possibilities that exist. Either she did have foster children, or she didn't! One of those has to be true, and, as we have pointed out, if either of them are true, there was still a fraud that took place! That is the point here.

Also, we ARE still digging for more information. We are in contact with several agencies in California, state, local and federal. We will most certainly get to the bottom of the foster care mystery! :)

tiredofscams said...

If someone is really looking into her fraud of taking money for her alleged foster kids--I hope beyond that Tippy person's fundraiser challenge and some jewelry fundraiser...that they look at all the posts out there where she talked about using membership proceeds for "her" kids.

Lots of goodhearted people were happy to pay for membership fees at kimkins even though the info was free at LCF because they were led to believe that the part of their membership fee was going to such a "worthy" cause.

Anonymous said...

Hate to keep flogging a dead horse, but it wasn't Heidi who started the challenge! It was TippyToes. Heidi did not solicit funds, although she certainly accepted them - as TT says now, to do with as she pleased. Moreover, the ex claimed Heidi was involved in frauds using other social security numbers. We already know she's fond of name changes; so it may be more difficult to track her if she's using a different name and s.s. number.

Anonymous said...

the E-Book is now available and just got sent out to email..had a section stating that they would be "fund raising" for worthy causes...interesting

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