Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Repost - Prayer Request

Please read below and add Christin to your prayers.

From Kimkins Exposed:

A somber reminder of why we continue to bring the truth to light about Kimkins.

Yesterday Christin was taken to the hospital for chest pains coupled with severe stomach pains. She underwent a battery of testing and was under observation until released in the early hours this moring with a referral to a cardiologist.

Prayers went out yesterday throughout the low carb community and continue today, asking she be kept safe throughout this medical emergency, which may in fact be an after effect of the Kimkins diet. Today she is home, resting and taking care of herself.

In Becky’s words, her prayer for Christin was simply,

Oh, dear merciful God in Heaven - have mercy!Show favor to your child Christin, and make her fully well and whole.

Give peace and faith to her, Brian, and all who love her.

We trust your love and power. Thank you for your great kindness.

We here at Kimkins Exposed ask you to keep Christin in your throughts and prayers.

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