Saturday, September 29, 2007

Regroup and Refocus

Lately, there has certainly been a carnival atmosphere to the whole Kimkins drama. So many new revelations coming to light have painted a picture of a very intriguing and dramatic tale, worthy of an ABC miniseries.

The grin / smiley fest of yesterday has upset a number of people, yet it was not meant to. There is a lot going on behind the scenes and sometimes we jump the gun, when we should be quiet, patient and still. We apologize to our readers for our "jumping of the gun" yesterday and assure you that in the future, we will not hint at happenings until we have absolute certainty that it will indeed happen.

There are many different levels to the Kimkins saga that need attention. First and foremost should always be the healing of those who have been harmed by Heidi and her so-called diet. Keep publishing your stories, keep reaching out to those still stuck in the quagmire of Kimkins and the dangerous eating-disordered thinking that accompanies those plans. Educate others about healthy weight loss, encourage others to change to a safer plan and stick with it, and inspire others by your own example.

The investigations continue, both on the forums and behind the scenes. The work that needs to be done is being done and Heidi cannot escape the reach of justice, no matter how strongly she believes that she is "judgment proof" or how vehemently she denies that she is indeed Heidi Diaz. She cannot, and will not, get away with this con. She has hurt too many, defrauded too many, lied to too many and broken too many laws. It will end and the sooner the better.

While we await that fateful day, let us focus on healing. By many accounts, there were 40,000 people that joined Kimkins. Where are they? What do they need now? Have they found new support groups? We need to collectively reach out to them and offer support without judgment.

Perhaps those that feel creative could start recovery blogs - posts with information about healthy LC diets, emotional support and the like. The public forums can have recovery threads launched and stop supporting the dangerous plan. There are many positive things that can be done now. We don't have to wait until KK is shut down - it will be shut down and there are many people right now who feel lost and adrift. Reach out to them and use all of this powerful, collected energy for the positive.

We will continue, as always, to highlight new discoveries and events here at Kimkins Dangers. This blog will exist for some time to come, as a record and warning for others who may think starving themselves is the best way to lose weight.

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