Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Netrition Boycott That Wasn't

(photo found on LCF forum)

New KK PR Director and Forum Gestapo TippyToes, aka Jeannie Baitinger, is trying to organize a boycott of Netrition is an online marketplace specializing in health foods with an incredible selection of sugar-free, low-carb products. (Heck, they even offer flat rate shipping!)

LCF - the Low Carb Friends free public forum is owned by the same person that owns Netrition. (That may be news to some!)

TippyToes was recently banned from LCF after sending this threatening email to one of LCF's admins:

Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2007 05:01:43 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jeannie Baitinger
Subject: if it walk like a duck
To: melly L_Name

We know you have a part in ducky. Suggesting you pull the blog or the next thing you will see is Melly Exposed.

She did deny it at first, but in a later post, she admitted that she did indeed send that email.

Yesterday I tried to log in and I am banned although I have not posted. I am banned for sending a private email to one of the Ducky teammates. You have all probably seen it by now as posted in The Suppossed truth. I told her she needed to pull the Ducky blog or the next blog would be (her name) Exposed. I assume this is why I am banned.

As a result of being banned from LCF for threatening (blackmailing?) one of their admins, she is now calling for the low-carb community to boycott the Netrition website. Her plan seems to have backfired and many LCF forum users are placing new orders with Netrition as we type this.

Many have expressed their frustration with LCF over the heavy-handed moderation that often occurs there, TippyToes herself recently expressed her dislike of their moderation policies yet defends Heidi's banning of PAID members simply because they disagree with the Kimkins plan.
Yet, even those who post at the LCF forum that they dislike the moderators, admins and policies of that website are not banned.

Others have also expressed frustration that LCF keeps the Kimkins and Kimmer threads available on the site, giving their tacit support of the dangerous plan. All of the Kimkins / Kimmer threads have been moved to the "Other Plans" section of the board to remove them from the main menu at least, and as of right now, the "Ask Kimmer" thread and other historical threads need to be maintained for research and investigations.

I do hope that once this is all over, that LCF will consider removing any and all Kimkins / Kimmer threads from their boards completely - and I do believe that will happen, but now is not the time. Patience, friends. :)


Once Upon A Dieter said...

What Tippy is too underhanded to point out in her post is that while, sure, she was banned for a blackmail type of email (good going, LCF), there is a big difference from the Kimkins Gulag and LCF (no matter how tightly LCF may wish to moderate): Kimkins doesn't allow dissension. LCF does. Proof is that the Fascination thread lets all sorts of voices talk and debate. And that the Kimkins threads do still exist and, even as the brouhaha erupted, continued to exist and be posted in.

Kimkins, however, only allows happy, smiling Kimkins testimonies..oh, and the vicious putdowns of Melt and WonderWoman and their ilk.

Tippy should just be honest and say, "Hey, I'm here to keep you in line so I can pay to have my husband's teeth done. So, shut up and eat chicken."

The Princess

Anonymous said...

You know, I really wouldn't buy anything like that online but come to think of it, there are some things I do need so - Netrition here I come!
LCF forum has been great for ex-kk's to deal with this little drama. Very grateful for that site and the admins hard work.

theTRUTH said...

Funny. I never posted that email, and yet I get slammed by her anyway. Dingbat.

Mimi said...

awww, darn it, KD, now you've gone and written such a thoughtful, intelligent bit about Netrition and LCF, I'm gonna have to cancel my OWN plans for setting up a boycott. sigh. It was gonna have a cool blog 'n everything. I hate it when anybody manages to talk me out of a perfectly irrational point of view! :)

I still can't stand the way some of the LCF Admins/Mods are so quick with the delete key and the soulless PM's. But hey, I just can't stand the idea of agreeing with Jeannie about ANYTHING!


Kimkins Dangers said...

Heh, Mimi. How about a compromise... After Kimkins is gone (as we know it will be!), and all of the investigations and lawsuits are over (which may need the threads that are archived there), if LCF does not remove all of the Kimmer / Kimkins threads, we'll boycott together, ok? :)

Kimmerexia said...

I'm still on heavy moderation at LCF with an alternate name because they initially didn't like my choice of "Kimmerexia".

I have recently written twice to be activated as a regular participant, one by email and one by their "contact us" form.

Both requests have simply been ignored.

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