Friday, September 28, 2007

More Goodbye Letters

Daily, more and more people flee the Kimpire and post their long, but short-lived, goodbyes on the site and often reposted on the various forums. Here are some recent ones from the last 48 hours: (Edited only for readability)

I've had it with everything. There's just no more denying it. Here is my last post on Kimkins. Thank you for everyone who has contributed to getting the truth out!

Topic Line: Kimkins is the best diet ever!

Is what I would have said three months ago. You see, about three months ago, I was 42 lbs lighter, only 35 lbs away from my goal weight. I was thrilled to have finally found something that works for me.

Then one day, while at work, I almost passed out. Employees said I looked white as a ghost. I justfied the episode somehow in my mind and moved on.

About a month ago, I noticed small pains in my chest area. Sort of like little “twangs”. I can no longer ignore these pains as they are undoubtably becoming more frequent.

I cannot ignore my body any longer. I cannot ignore that nagging feeling that “something is just not quite right” with Kimmer and the Kimkins diet.

I cannot ignore the overwhelming evidence that Kimmer did not lose the weight she claims she did. I used to say “I don’t care if Kimmer is a robot, this diet works!” I tried to justify the facts. If Kimmer is telling the truth why does she not produce more before and after pics to put an end to this whole thing once and for all? Let’s think about this logically: Look at your own weight loss and what an accomplishment it is. Remember how great it feels? You’ve worked hard to accomplish something and are proud of what you did. You want people to see your before and after pics because you are proud of yourself. Yet Kimmer refuses to provide those pics? The ugly reality is she can’t produce any current pics because she does not have any. Not one.

I cannot ignore the harmful advice that she has given me and countless others to keep calories and fat as low as possible. After all, gastric bypass patients eat as low as 500 cals a day she would say. I now know that they are under strick doctor’s care and, they up their calories to normal ranges within the first 1-2 months. She would also say things such as “there is no such thing as starvation mode”. I wanted to believe it, too. It’s not true.

I cannot ignore the health issues that other people are having on this diet. You could hear Christin (WW cover girl) in her own words here: The Journey. As you listen, truly ask yourself what could possibly be her motivation for saying what she says. Money? She lost money by leaving Kimkins. Fame? She already had it due to her being on the cover of WW. Take a listen and let me know what you think is truly motivating her to say what she is saying.

I cannot ignore the current Kimkins admins and members who praise Kimmer and the diet. It’s sickening. It’s sickening not only because they are deceived but it’s sickening because those same people will most likely be writing something very similar to this once they too realize how deceptive Kimmer is and how dangerous the diet truly is. The very ones who lose the weight quickly will most likely have the same symptoms that are being reported by tons of other people.

I cannot ignore my own emotions and feelings about the entire ordeal. Who would have known, though?? Kimmer gave me something that nobody else had ever given me: HOPE. Hope that I could do lose the weight and keep it off. Kimmer gave me hope that this is a WOE that I could follow the rest of my life. Kimmer gave me hope that I could be thin again. She gave me hope that I could be finally freed of my addiction to eating. But guess what? It was a false hope because she never lost the weight. It was a lie. And now I’m left praying that the symptoms I’m experiencing will go away once I renoursh my body.

My sincere prayer is that what I’ve written will reach at least one person. I beg you now: If you too have been having that “gut” feeling, you know which one I’m talking about, please do your research. [Edited Url] Do not be afraid to get off of the plan is a wonderful tool. Pray for wisdom. HE will provide it to those who ask. Let my last words on this forum ring in your ears:

This is a DANGEROUS diet and Kimmer is lying to you.

And another: (This one from LCF)

Hello again. It's been a short while since I've posted here. Last time here, I was very pro-Kimkins. And I was angry at what I was reading here. I asked to be removed from this forum, and they kindly "unregistered" me.

Long story short...I've changed my tune, come to my senses, smartened up....
When I saw those PI pix, I just knew in my heart, it was HER. That was tough for me to swallow. But I told myself it was okay, I can still use the plan cause it works for me.

I continued to lurk here and other places, and it all finally started to sink in. I can't explain it, why I couldn't accept the truth. I kept trying to "make it work" in my head. I finally admitted to my dh that my hair is falling out, and has been for about 6 months. So far, that is the only side effect I have experienced. I emailed Christin, and she is such a beautiful and caring person, and it all fell into place.

I got in touch with a couple of other ex-kimkinites. And it really is a difficult process to remove yourself from the mindset. It all finally came crashing down the other night at the Kimkins site when Wonderwoman started spouting off. I was there, watching it happen. And again, another lightbulb moment...I knew that it was HER. I was typing my response when the screen went blank, and the whole thread was deleted.

I wanted so badly to chat with someone, I was livid! And of course I had burned my bridge here. I have since repented and the admins here kindly reinstated my priveleges. So here I am. I am not very outspoken. But I apologize for being so hard-headed, and thinking so badly of everyone here. You have done an awesome job of getting the word out that KK is not a healthy diet. And SHE is just beyond words! I felt sorry for her at first, but no more. This has got to STOP.

Anyway, thanks for listening. And again, I'm sorry for being so judgemental of everyone here. You were right...all along. I'm just glad that I finally came to my senses.


K said...

Too bad she left the website link to the porn site! LOL
Great post though.

Kimkins Dangers said...

ACK! Thanks for pointing that out, lol. I've changed the url here, but hopefully the other forums and boards where it is posted will do the same.

Kimkin Sex Posed.. oy, lol.

NO KIMKINS said...

LMAO I went to that site by accident too when I was trying to tell someone about kimkinsexposed on WORDPRESS lol, kimkins porn is something none of us want to see!

But back to the topic at hand, thanks for posting this.

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