Friday, September 7, 2007


Friday, September 7, 2007
As if she couldn't possibly sink any lower... Kimmer is announcing that Kimkins will be doing MORE FUNDRAISING for charities - the money will be donated "anonymously"! Well of course it will be! That way no one can prove that she DIDN'T donate it!

We SINCERELY hope that NO ONE will partake in these events, as it has already been shown that her OTHER fundraiser for her "foster children" was a scam.. A scam that involved the United States Postal Service, which is definitely not a joke.

Thanks everybody. When I look for someone to do a job, I look at qualifications and that's it. We're proud to allow Anna (wheelchair) an opportunity to supplement her disability income, but that's why we hired her. She's excellent at her job.

As the entire world must know by know, I'm a private person. If that annoys the "entire low carb community" so be it. I answer to God ad the IRS, no one else.

Kimkins is active in local charities. All of our donations are anonymous, which is probably not smart from a publicity point of view -- but we're not looking for a pat on the back -- and I'm not looking to exploit small charities for Kimkins gain. I personally subsidized 100 children to go to summer camp near Santa Barbara. I didn't shout it from the rafters, it's no one's business.

Now, we will be doing some charity fundraisers soon that will be publicized, including for diabetes and breast cancer. Members will have an opportunity to participate and show support for very worthwhile causes. We'll have details soon!

Someone has asked about Becky recent blog entry. As I mentioned, Becky & I did not see eye to eye on changes for the site. Her ideas were excellent and well thought out. I've got nothing bad to say about her and any company or website would be luck to have her on staff.

All we can say is.. she definitely WILL answer to the IRS.

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6 comments: Kimmerexia said...
Apparently the blip in new members from the WW rag has completely subsided and now Kimmer/Heidi KIMBERLY [Miller] Diaz needs a fresh income stream.

Just another day, just another fraud.

September 7, 2007 11:11 AM
Tracy said...
Wouldn't even "anonymous" donations leave a paper trail? Particularly if they were substantial donations...she would want to claim that to her benefit on her taxes, no? Even if she didn't (out of the goodness of her heart, no doubt) wouldn't it still leave a paper trail?

This is just ridiculous, but predictable really.

September 7, 2007 12:37 PM
Anonymous said...
doing this here because it can be done anonymously,,, pretty paula was on lcf today defending kim/heidi,, evidentally her comments were being moderated, (so she said) this was posted on kimkins site shortly after.

i wasnt going to make any further comments, some of you may have seen i have been on LCF myself tonight,

i would like to make you aware that my posts were being moderated before being allowed on the thread. this means that the admin at LCF chose what to let me say and what not to let me say.

i had posts edited, deleted and i even recieved a warning for stating my opinion.

if this does not show some of the members who are doubting kimkins as a WOE and this site as a whole just how orchestrated all of this has been then i dont know what will.

i sincerely hope that there are many of you who will whole heartedly agree when i say that it is of no concern whether kimmer is skinny, fat, obese or in fact a man. who cares if the WOE works for you, stay safe, tell your doctor what you are doing and above all keep posting.

I for one would miss you all if you left. i love every single one of you and only hope to continue helping, encouraging and supporting in every way i can, and i think all admin and Kimmer would agree with that.

talk about stirring the pot, and no you don't have to do anything with this, as i know you're not supposed to take things off of a pay site,,BUT,, watch this admin!!!

September 7, 2007 4:56 PM
Anonymous said...
I saw her original post before it was pulled and she was attacking the other posters and LCF in general.
The admins there did their jobs and they're being pretty generous allowing her to post at all since she's there to cause problems.
Would Kimmer do that? Allow someone with a descenting opinion to stay and post? yeah right.
I did see one rude smiley removed from her post, but since it was there to antagonize the other posters, it was right in being removed.
If that's her only complaint, she needs to look to kimkins site for their censirship before lying about how *bad* she was treated elsewhere.

September 7, 2007 7:58 PM
Anonymous said...
Check out the related discussion at ALC -- PP=Heidi ?

September 8, 2007 1:12 AM
OhYeahBabe said...
Join the Kimkins to join the Kimkins lawsuit and stop this fraud!

December 18, 2007 11:59 AM

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