Thursday, September 13, 2007

Kimmer Sure Loses Her Purse A Lot!

Heidi has a pattern. When we come across this pattern, we like to highlight it to show the historical view of her long life of scam artistry.

Remember the comment from the ex girlfriend of Heidi's son Dennis (mother of Heidi's grandson) about Heidi running a scam when she was selling Avon, posting that she had lost her purse / or it was stolen, and people sent her money.....

Then we find this in a comment on Kimkins Exposed - By Stiff

For making all this cash off the site (why hasn’t she taken it out of her PayPal?) and having more than ample than she should have had to pay her bills if she were even doing so, she has been broke the entire time. I had an issue when I signed up and PMed her about it and most of her response was even about herself and her money issues…funny part is, through all these anti-blogs I ran into a post she made on LCF and she worded it almost the exact same way. I know she’s used the story before, too. Here’s a piece of what she replied with:

“I have my own problems with Paypal which I won’t bore you with, but my wallet was stolen with our Paypal debit card inside. It is how I buy the stuff we need for Kimkins and our web hosting is charged to the card also. So far so good. Then it got stolen and I couldn’t get a duplicate! On hold with some long distance phone number in “press #3, press #8 hell”. All I wanted was a replacement debit card and it took 6 weeks. My real bank, Citibank, knows how to conduct business and sent the replacement via Federal Express overnight.

The Kimkins site almost went down because I had no way to pay! The hosting company doesn’t take straight Paypal. The hosting is $2400 a month and I don’ t have that in cash or credit cards anywhere. I was begging Paypal to get me the replacement card! All I hear is “send an email to …..” I SENT THE FRIGGIN’ EMAILS!

Oh, sorry, this is about you not me, LOL!

Why do I use Paypal? Because I couldn’t take the responsibility of accepting credit cards directly. All of that financial information would be in our databases and we get hack attempts all the time. Paypal isn’t perfect, but it’s the best answer right now.”


Poor lady seems to be so out of money she can/could barely make the domain payment, let alone leave the country.

*and roll eyes now*

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