Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Kimmer Spins at Kimkins

One thing Kimmer / Heidi is "good" at is spinning the truth and contorting it to mean something that paints her in a good light. However, her charm is wearing thin and people are starting to see through her facade.

With the loss of three very high profile members over the past week, Kimmer has found herself needing to do some serious damage control.

Here is what she said yesterday after Christin and Deni posted their goodbye letters on their blogs.

Re:is it true? They are gone too? 12 Minutes ago

Yes, they are gone.

Reading the anti-Kimmer stuff got to them and they began having doubts about me and Kimkins. They are both Christian girls and prayed about it. God led them to make their decisions. I'll miss them both very much. I was looking forward to Deni's participation on the Addictions forum. Excellent role models for everyone and so motivating to all.

Nothing is happening to our forums or website. Every time the anti-Kimmer post, we get a swell of traffic. At this rate we'll never need to advertise

Kimmer posted this yesterday:

I need your help. I've gotten 3 PMs that are asking when Kimkins is leaving. Huh? What's this about? I've been without internet for almost a week and Fri-Sat I helped my brother after he had eye surgery, so I'm not uptodate.

We are solid and permanently funded (thank you Woman's World members!) -- and I mean permanently.

No one from anywhere has contacted us. Period. Near as I've learned the anti-Kimmer have reported us to everyone but the Boy Scouts. We've received no email, summons, letter, phone call, injunction, pony express. Nothing.

Help me out, clue me in. Why are we leaving???

"No one has been banned for merely voicing an opinion."
First, her statement about being without the internet for a week is odd, considering that she posted during that time.

Second, I hadn't thought about the Boy Scouts! Great idea!

Instead of being forthright and honest, Kimmer insinuates that Deni and Christin and Becky (and all the others who have fled the past week) are simply too weak minded to stand against the "anti-kimmer" people. People like myself, who author blogs and articles dedicated to exposing the fraud behind Kimkins and the dangers of the plan.

None of these ladies said in their blogs that they were succumbing to the pressure of the bloggers to leave Kimkins. In fact, they all stated that they had their own personal reasons, issues with the diet plan, health concerns and had lost faith in Kimmer herself.

But apparently Kimmer thinks they're lying. Talk about adding insult to injury! Yet the few remaining Kimkins supporters have emailed this blog and left comments (that were not published) accusing US of being nasty to Deni / Christin / Becky, et. al.

We're not the ones calling them stupid. We're not saying they are too weak minded to think for themselves. We are not lying about why they left, if they were banned (Deni has apparently told certain people that she is banned as well) or not, etc. That's Kimmer. There is not one post on this entire blog wherein any of the aforementioned women are attacked in any way. Please read before leaving comments, okay?

Things in Kimmerland are heating up this morning as well. Upon learning that Kimmer has access to and regularly reads members private messages between members, some have voiced their outrage. (Bear in mind that Kimmer has BANNED people from the site simply for the content of their PMs and has also banned members for their posts on OTHER websites!)

It seems that the truth is slowly trickling into the consciousness of the Kimkins members. The loss of Deni, Christin and Becky was a terrible wound for the Kimkins group, as those three were the heart and soul of the support system.

I would ask the remaining Kimkins members one thing;

Are you absolutely certain that Becky, Christin and Deni simply caved in to the writings of a handful of anti-kimkins bloggers or do you think that it's possible that they were able to use their own powers of reason and logic and discovered that perhaps there was some truth behind everything being said?

Just think about it.


Anonymous said...

Just to make things clear, many message boards including the two major low carb message boards have also read people's private messages and banned people for the content in those messages as well as banning people for their public posts. There are two main reasons people are usually banned on any message board: 1) Criticizing the people or person who runs the message board or any of the moderators and 2)saying anything that causes division or strife among the members. Just wanted to clear that up whether you do or do not support Kimkins. Many message boards do the SAME THING even those boards that charge fees.

Kimkins Dangers said...

Things are very clear, but thanks for your input.

Kimmer does not allow any opinions that differ from her own on the KK website.

Two people that I know of were banned from KK for discussing concerns they had about safety and health issues via PMs. THAT is not okay.

People have been banned from Kimkins for saying things on OTHER websites. Not the Kimkins website!

Frequent sanitization takes place, wherein Kimmer will "clean up" her forums to make sure that any "negative" comments about her or her diet plan are erased.

There is no room for freedom of thought or speech at Kimkins. Either you are a good soldier or you are banned.

That is hugely different from message board admins banning people for making personal attacks on other members.

Even the heavy handed moderation at LCF allows for differences of opinion and open discussion of issues. They do not ban people simply for not agreeing with the site owner, as Kimkins often does!

Anonymous said...

There's a huge difference between most other forums and Kimkins! At Kimkins you are a customer paying for a service. At the other forums, you are a guest in their corner of cyberspace. They are entitled to more of an "our way or the highway" attitude. It's like having guests in your house. It's your house!

Kimkins Dangers said...

If you pay for a "lifetime membership" to a service, you should be entitled to ask questions about that service! You should be able to say "hey, I don't think 500 calories is safe!" without being worried about getting banned. You should be able to say "Hey, Kimmer, you say on your bio that you are a CASA but the State of CA says you aren't, whats the deal!?" without fear of being banned.

Belinda said...


Just to be clear, one of the things Kimmer heavily promoted when she left LCF was that she would **NEVER** read PM's, yet she did, does and continues to, and has banned people for PM content BEFORE she changed her TOS to say that PM's aren't private.

Go figure.

OhYeahBabe said...

Does lying burn calories? Kimkins does a lot of it!

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