Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Kimmer / Heidi Diaz / Kimkins Really Selling Atkins?

Imagine being charged $60 to join a weight loss diet plan that is the FASTEST diet ever and ultimately finding out they're re-selling Atkins? I don't think the members nor Atkins Nutritionals would find this very funny. Report this to Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. here.

Below are posts from the Kimkins website wherein a new member asks a question and is told to go read about Atkins - NOT Kimkins as Kimkins has no medical evidence to back up its claims nor any credible information to support the advice being given on the site.

Hi All trying to catch up but this was just sent to me by email. It was posted in the cafe. The question was posted one and a half hours ago by a new person (1st post)

Responses were about 1/2 hour ago. Amazing turn in philosophy. At least we know if she follows Atkins she won't starve.

I just came back from a nutrition class at Kaiser Hosp. and was told that a woman needs at least 100 g./carbs per day to maintain a healthy brain function. I was also told that low carb diets cause the body to breakdown slowly. I'm new at Kimkins, so can anyone help me with this? I asked if we could get all the carbs we need from veggies and was told that the those carbs leave the body quickly, and that carbs found in whole wheat bread and other starches are the ones that stick in the body longer and help with brain and body functions. ??????????

Response #1

Have you read any of Dr. Atkins books?? He is so great at explaining everything! I couldn't do him justice if I tried LOL! I personally feel better having less carbs and feel much clearer mentally once I get over the sugar withdrawl.

Response #2

Gosh, that just flies in the face of everything I've read lately about low carbing.

I just read Atkins not long ago for the first time. Dr. Barry Groves and Protein Power are all good resources, and they all say that very few carbs are actually needed by the body. Research has shown that fat (yep, no kidding) is the preferred energy source for the heart. Even on maintenance, many people do just fine for years on 60-70 carbs per day. Low carb really can be a way of life.

I'm just learning about the carb ladder, which means after you're done losing your weight, to get to a personal maintenance carb level, you can add back 10 carbs per week (something like that) until you gain a bit. Adjust it back to where you are maintaining, and that is supposed to be the optimum carb level for your body and lifestyle. I may not have explained it well, but I think that's close.

Whoever told you that about starches must hang out in the Dean Ornish camp

I know it's all confusing at first (shoot when I first started Kimkins, I knew nothing about low carb WOE) but you might want to get a copy of at least Atkins and start there.

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