Thursday, September 13, 2007

Kimmer Changing Her Plans?

In an obvious attempt to avoid serious litigation and liability, Kimmer seems to be changing her plans!? Or, at the very least, not familiar with her own guidelines!

First, let's look at the guidelines for Kimkin's Bootcamp plan.

This was designed by Kimmer.
Those of you who are up to the challenge here are the rules and general questions

B - Eggs 2-3, with either .5 cup cooked veggies or with 2 oz, ham/lean protein

L - Lean protein (4 oz), 2 cups mixed greens, Wishbone Spritzer dressing

D - Lean protein (4-6 oz), 2 cups mixed greens, Wishbone Spritzer dressing

2 cups of salad is 1 large handful.
If Wishbone Spritzer is not available, a small amount of other 'light' dressing may be used sparingly.
Diet drinks with zero or nearly zero carbs and calories are permitted.
Low-carb protein shakes (1-4 total carbs each) may be used as meal replacements.
Stallone-type low-carb protein 'puddings' (1-4 total carbs) may be used as meal replacements.
Sugar-free gelatin is allowed in moderation, no more than 1 cup per day.
Those who wish may skip the salads and vegetables. DO NOT add anything extra to make up for it.
Take vitamins.

The differences between Boot Camp vs. Kimkins or KE are protein limits and required daily cardio.
Calories are extremely low. (500'ish)
The menu is meant to be simple, boring, no-frills, and FAST.
The diet is not exciting, but the results are.
So, no fancy add-ins and variations to slow things down --- just the basics.
There are no further substitutions in Boot Camp, other than what is listed above. No additions.
Only the most motivated and dedicated people can stick with this.
This is for those willing and able to just get this done!

Boot Camp "PT"
Physical Training --- Cardio Exercise

Boot Camp requires 30 minutes of cardio-vascular physical exercise daily.
This is an extra requirement, not necessary in Kimkins or KE.
This is meant to be serious and strenuous to the best of your ability.
This is meant to break a sweat!
Whether brisk walking, dancing, biking, sports, exercise DVDs, gym workouts, etc., DO IT!
Those unable to do 30 minutes at once may break it into smaller (10 - 15 minutes) sessions.
Those who wish and are able may double the time to 60 minutes. (Again, broken sessions are OK.)
7 days of exercise yields best fastest results; 6 days is satisfactory; 5 days is the minimum.

Those are Kimmer's own guidelines. 500 calories or less each day PLUS 30 minutes of cardio. If you read through some of the Bootcamp support threads, you will see that many people trying this crazed plan cannot do the exercise, as they lack the energy to do so.

Kimmer posted this today:

Hey there! Sorry to interrupt everybody. This will only take a minute.

What is this business of 500 calories? DO NOT force low calories, there's no reason and it's not good for you psychologically. Follow the basic Kimkins plan (or even K/E) which is as much lean protein as you desire -- plus up to 4 servings of low carb veggies.

If you're unable to stand or feel ill, you should contact your doctor immediately. There is no calorie limit for Kimkins, and certainly no reason to force a calorie limit. You can have underlying health issues and should contact your doctor. A few simple tests will give him/her a snapshot.

I know you're anxious to lose, but please do the plan as written (plus your Centrum type vitamin!)


Our comments:

First, this post by Kimmer is completely contradicts HUNDREDS and hundreds of other posts wherein she not only commends people for their extremely low calories but also encourages people go eat fewer calories.

Look at this blast from the past:

Member asks Kimmer:
I'm new here - just started yesterday.

Which plan is designed for the fastest weight loss results?

I'm on KE and don't have a problem with it. I was looking at Boot Camp and wondering is it's designed for quicker weight loss results?


Kimmer's response:
The very fastest would be the Meal Replacement Shake option because there's no chance of messing up. 450 calories a day, that's it.

Second is Boot Camp because the protein and salads are limited, but someone could still pick a higher calorie protein by accident.

K/E was originally the fastest, but it's not always anymore because some people tend to be creative about what a "lean" protein is plus overeating with too big portions or small snacks all day .

Kimkins is the slowest and still way faster than any other non-Kimkins plan except water fasting.
And another:

Another Member asks:
Hi Kimmer

You just posted a relpy that the Replacement Shake option is 450 caloris a day but when I look at the plan under KIMKINS Diet Plans it says 800 calories a day. Which is correct?

Kimmer's response:
It would be 800 if you choose 200 calorie shakes and 4 per day. Personally, as long as I'm doing shakes (which are not incredibly exciting anyway), I'd find a 150 calorie version and limit to 3 (skipping a snack shake).

But I'm impatient.

But Kimmer doesn't recommend low calories, does she? Nah! Course not! (end sarcasm)

Kimmer also wrote the plans in which the standard caloric intake varies between 500-800 calories a day, depending on the plan.

What is she trying to do with this obvious backpedaling? We believe she is currently sanitizing the website as well as changing her posted advice to protect herself from impending and ongoing investigations.

Do not be dismayed, dear survivors! All relevant and necessary information has been saved. Heidi K. Diaz will have to face the consequences of her actions, from that, there is no escape.

As Heidi herself once said - "I only answer to two higher powers, God and the IRS". Yep.


Anonymous said...

I haven't heard of God speaking to Heidi/Kimmer; so that leaves the IRS.

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