Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Kimkins Members Meltdowns

Update! Photograph of "WonderWoman" posted on LCF

Some very interesting and quite disturbing posts from inside the Kimpound tonight.. Some of them are from brand new "members" who are possibly Kimmer in disguise or perhaps recruited / hired posters, who knows! What these posts reflect is that there is a distinct air of panic, paranoia and perhaps intoxication within the Kimkins website. Some, if not all of these posts are by a new "member" named WonderWoman. On top of the recent threatening emails and PMs that have been released, we wonder if Heidi has realized Kimkins' days are numbered.

Read on.

Exhibit A:
All I want to know if where the f#%@ did everyone's brain go to? This Deni person is now dying or close to it? Since when? Check out that bleeding heart blog. Or is it still here before she cleansed her soul by deleting important posts? Didn't she say at some point that she stopped doing Kimkins to lose the rest of her weight? Isn't her #$^$ picture on Kimkins advertising? Gee, maybe she got paid? May she's having second thoughts? Maybe she wants to create a huge pot of sh#@ so Kimmer will take the pictures down? It seems she doesn't have a job and wants to jump on the lawsuit bandwagon along with her BFFL Christin. Hell, their health trashed from Kimkins so let's collect some big bucks!

Jimmy Moore. I say we collect $100,000 and see how fast he turns his blog opinion to whatever that $100,000 tells him to say. Heck wait, isn't he dying too from losing 40 pounds in 4 weeks on K/E? Guess not. Not until his Kimkins checks clear.

If there is anybody with a half brain or took a critical thinking class at any point in time, this would be the time to drag your brain out.

Who's OP? Are you at goal? Anywhere near goal? When did these life threatening conditions occur that you talk about? Jesus Christ on a popsicle stick.

Exhibit B:
"When is this end-all-beat-all-we're-all-going-to-die-tonight-and-Kimmer-will-be-homeless-until-prison lawsuit supposed to happen? Shouldn't the website be shut down by now? Sermons, summons, subpoenas, records confiscarted?

Isn't that what brainless numb skulls are thinking and scared to death about?"

Exhibit C:
Kimmer said her original partner copied the email address database when she left like 10 months ago. Sweet huh? Seems anybody who was an original member is getting a special email. What a xxxx. That honey of a "partner" gave the list to anybody who asked. Wanna see Catherine? See any #$%@* in Blacks.


Once Upon A Dieter said...

Panic in the bunker. Oh, yeah.

The empire is crumbling and the Queen is having a hissy fit.

Short may she reign.

The Princess

Anonymous said...

you are going down hard Kimmer

Justin Kimmerfake said...

That was just plain bizarre - a meltdown of trainwreck proportions. I don't think anyone could sustain this level of emotion - assuming it's real - without requiring psychiatric admission. Soon. Like *Amy Winehouse rehab* soon.

Losing Jusme said...

oh no! if 'kimmer' resigns, will heidi have to do work now ?? ;)

Anonymous said...

That sounds alot like that poster with the name MELT. Maybe Kimmer is posting as Melt and this person. Interesting......

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