Thursday, September 13, 2007

Kimkins Members "Loving Community"

Just thought we'd post this to illuminate the loving, wonderful, supportive environment that is the Kimkins website forums.

Poster #1:
I'm an expert of my own situation. I joined this website after I read Kimmer's story in Woman's World. She stated that she had lost a huge amount of weight and has kept it off. That is a lie. I did not follow the plan to extreme. I lost weight but I also felt dizzy and nauseated all the time. I watched my friend at work go through the same thing while following the plan. If you could put up with the fact that people have misrepresented themselves and have banned people from the sight for having their own opinions, that's fine it's your personal moral barometer you have to follow. But common sense just has to tell you that eventually this way of eating is going to ruin your body. I know, your body, your life. I just hate to see so many ruining their health. You may not see it now but it will happen.

Response #1:
Geeze....... if you are so concerned about other people step away from the computer.

No kidding. There's nothing worse than a member of the 101st Fighting Keyboardists engaging in the fantasy that they are going to save people with their words.

Go picket a Krispy Kreme or a Pizza Hut. Lie down in the road in front of the Frito Lay fleet of trucks. Do a sit -in at Ben Jerry's.

Response #2
ummmmmmmmm new flavor @ Ben Jerry's


I'll have a large cup of that along with some crow tongue.gif

Response #3
[The] last time I went in there Ben Jerry weren't behind the counter and they they didn't scoop the ice cream out of a churn that they had turned by hand themselves...if they don't do that how can they call it their ice cream?

It should be called Surly Pimplely Faced Teenager With An Ill Fitting Uniform Ice Cream

K said...

Re: response 1 & 2,

It is my understanding that 5 year olds are not allowed on the site even if they can use a phone book to reach the keyboard!

Becky said...

This is so sad!

Kimkins used to be a place where people were civil - even kind and gracious.

I hate to see it turn into a place where bullies roam the halls.

I cannot believe anyone who looks at the evidence can defend Kimmer. She is indefensible.

I know they are just desperately trying to defend their weight loss, their sense of being right, their 'home', their friends, their hopes and dreams.

Please, folks!
~ Your weight won't magically jump back on just because you leave the Kimkins site. You can keep on losing elsewhere, in a better environment.

~ Face it, we were wrong to ever believe Kimmer. We were duped by a practiced, conning scammer who played off of our desperation. And, if you're still there, she's still getting away with it.

~ The Kimkins site as we loved it is gone and it's never coming back. It is no longer a shelter ---- it's a prison yard where everyone has to make wary alliances, watch your back, look over your shoulder, talk in codes and whispers, and behave yourself under constantly watchful eyes. If it is a 'home', it is a dysfunctional, abusive one.

~ Don't stay for your friends anymore! For all you know, they're just staying for you. Get out, and lead them out, if you can. Get everyone in your group to subscribe to your favorite threads, and then post how they can reach you (email, the site you will be switching to, etc.) Even when your posts are deleted, the subscription posts will go out for a while. (Use just text, not graphics, colors, fancy stuff in your posts --- they don't show up in the emails.)

~ It is the nature of a lying scammer to prey on the hopes and dreams of good people. That is what despicable, soul-sucking scavengers do. They abuse your trust and use your needs against you.

She violated our hopes and dreams.
Please don't let her take away our basic decency, too.

Be better than that!

Etheral Kim said...

How incredibly sad these hateful comments. All you you do is give more reason for people to leave there. How can you be so immature, cruel and childish? How could you sink so incredibly low to write things like this?

If you don't like this blog - DON'T vistit! Go back to the kimkins forums and show people how immature you are. What are you 15 and still in high school still acting like a punk?

Leave these honest, caring people alone. This is is THEIR place and people like you are not welcome.

Becky - great response.

Kimkins Dangers said...

We just wanted to clarify that those comments were left at the Kimkins forum, and directed at a PAID Kimkins Member who had posted on the Kimkins site. They were not left here nor were they directed at this blog.

Etheral Kim said...

My misunderstanding....well maybe they will read your blog, you can erase my comments if you like, that lit a fire under me.

theTRUTH said...

Yep. I read the posts. They are still there. I know who they were directed at, and she didn't deserve that treatment. Some folks are just sucking up to "she who must not be named" now by showing how nasty they can be to folks who ask questions or express concerns. The comments make me sick and sad. It seems that "she who must not be named" isn't the only narcissistic personality disorder roaming around that place these days. The sane and the sensible are either being weeded out or are weeding themselves out. Sad thing in, more newbies everyday. Fresh income for "she who must not be named".

theTRUTH said...
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