Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Kimkins Members Continue To Flee

The latest - posting it here as we are sure it will disappear from the Kimkins forum. Name withheld.

"This may not be very popular right now but I didn't just want to disappear without explanation or warning. If you're not interested in the why then don't read any further. I can no longer give validation or credibility to a place that now engages and encourages in the exact same behaviors that they once derided others for. Encouraging the flaming of others and the banning of members and editing & deleting of posts.... I have a problem with all of these things and they're happening here. It's not just people coming here to cause trouble that are being banned and edited either. I, personally feel that everyone here should be concerned about censorship.

I saw the thread where GlamGirl was flamed before she was banned and her posts deleted. Her posts did not deserve the response she got. What she said may have bothered some but she put it in the proper thread and I thought she was just adding her own point of view. She was treated absolutely horribly. An Admin even joined in. That just made it worse. It was like it was now ok to be rude to someone who doesn't totally agree with you. It was like the car accident you just can't look away from. What the heck happened to people here? There was just so much nastiness being spewed but OUR members.

This forum is suffering an overuse of the ban button these days. Editing and deleting posts is also going on way, way too much. A member had asked for help on what I can't recall but I remember the reply because I was interested in the answer. The member who's answer I was interested in posted a link with more info on "refeeding". The link did go to a specific post on a thread in the LCF forum. I followed the link and wound up reading the whole thread. The info was very helpful and there was no anti-Kimkins sentiment or bashing on there. It was banned simply because it was a link to LCF and a group there is the reason for a lot of the trouble now, so deleting anything with a link to their forum should be perfectly understandable. What!? I DON'T THINK SO! Read the new TOS. Do you all realize that we're not supposed to put links in our posts anymore. There are a lot of websites that want you to link to their page and NOT cut & paste. So, what, we here just miss out on info because it might come from a site that an Admin doesn't like?

I didn't read about this happening to somebody on some other site. I *saw* it happen... here. Both thing happened very close to each other and there have been a whole bunch of red flags, large & small. "Controversy" aside. This is more than enough for me.

I wish all of you the best in life and your continued success with losing weight. I don't want to leave you all but I just can't ignore what is going on elsewhere on this very site and only post here. Our safe haven *is* controlled by someone else. Some of you have my e-mail if you wish to use it to keep in touch or perhaps you may find me over at Jimmy Moore's forum. I truly hope that I have not offended anyone. I am not giving up, just moving...."

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