Friday, September 21, 2007

Kimkins Hatches a New Plan!

In a desperate attempt to keep the few remaining members and avoid prosecution, Kimkins has started a new plan! This plan was NOT written by Kimmer / Heidi, instead it was hatched by new admin Tippy Toes and friend Othila.

The irony of this new plan is many-fold. First, the plan includes cycling with Atkins! Yes, that's right, ATKINS. We wonder if the Atkins Nutritionals, Inc., folks would like to hear that! Also, let's remember that Heidi has referred to Dr. Atkins as "Dr. Fatkins" many times! Many of the Kimkinistas have made comments about how people on Atkins eat tubs of lard and pounds of bacon every day, and don't forget those "greasy cheeseburgers" - allegedly a staple of the Atkins diet.

Yet, all of that aside and "forgotten", Atkins will now be a regular and encouraged part of the Kimkins diet! AMAZING!

We urge all of our readers to report this information to Atkins Nutritionals Inc. You can contact them by clicking HERE. I think they'd be very interested to hear that Kimkins is selling the ATKINS diet plan!

Also, let's reflect on the many statements Heidi / Kimmer has made that wherein she says that tweaking the Kimkins plans is not allowed, ever! If you tweak it, it is NOT Kimkins. If you have to tweak it, just call it Atkins instead! Apparently now, Kimmer is selling Atkins! We are amused.

Here is the "new plan" -

Here's the challenge just posted by "Othila"

"For the past several months I have been alternating Kimkins with Atkins and having very good results. Atkins used to work for me, but no longer does, and Kimkins is the only diet plan that I can actually take of pounds with. Then I maintain for a while with Atkins very comfortably.

As Tippy Toes stated in the support thread, Kimmer is working out a cycling plan that is sure to be a big hit. I don't know the details of her new plan, but I have her blessing to jump in and do a challenge anyway. We can always tweak it later on when we see what Kimmer comes up with.

For now, let's follow this pattern:
To give everyone time to round up their Kimkins foods and get psyched up (me included), let's start this Sunday, September 23, and go through November 21 (day before Thanksgiving). Hey, what would be better than to show up at the Thanksgiving table two or three sizes smaller than last year?!

The first week will be any Kimkins plan of your choice, regular, boot camp, vegetarian, etc.
The second week will be any OTHER plan that is NOT KIMKINS. You can do Atkins or any other eating plan!
The third week will be back to kimkins, and we will keep alternating every week.
The last week, Thanksgiving week, will very conveniently (and ingeniously I might add) be the OTHER plan week, which might mean a less austere feast for you!

Not sure what other plan to cycle with Kimkins? Well, for the first week we will be doing Kimkins, so during that time you can be checking into other plans that might interest you. If there is a particular food that you have been missing, you might want to find a plan that includes that type of food. If it's bread or fruit you really miss, then maybe weight watchers or a standard 1200-1500 calorie old-fashioned diet might be good. If you miss fats but not carbs, then Atkins would be great. If you want to go even more liberal, try South Beach. As you are probably aware, there just about as many weight loss plans out there as there are stars in the sky! Caution: do pick a plan, and don't just start eating the way you used to--you'll probably regret it.

There are four main purposes to cycling:
1. To keep your body from adapting to a restrictive plan and thus avoid stalling.
2. To keep metabolism cooking along (especially if thyroid problems)
3. To keep your tastebuds happy and avoid binging/cheating.
4. To test-drive a maintenance plan and feel more secure in being able to keep pounds off.

Anybody is welcome on this challange. We will have slow and fast losers, so everybody set your own goals (inches, pounds, fitting into a favorite outfit, having your family not recognize you at Thanksgiving, etc.) and we'll give each other encouragement along the way. This is open to anyone at any time, no need to start at the beginning date.

Okay, time to make the shopping list and get the recipes planned out. Planning is a big key to success


Once Upon A Dieter said...

I smell a CYA project.

From what all the ex-Kimkins folks are saying, Heidi-Kimmer was insistent that one could not cheat, one bite off plan would ruin everything, work the plan, etc. Go lower, not higher.

So, suddenly, you have one off week? Eat WW style? Eat Atkins style? Hey, eat South Beach style?

But, but, but...if Kimkins plan was so great, so perfect, such a solution, why not just follow the Kimkins plan?

Oh, yeah, right. You'll end up losing your hair, passing out, destroying your thyroid, and maybe develop a serious ED.

Pedal faster, Tippy/Othila/Kimmer Er, I mean CYCLE, cycle faster.

The Princess

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