Thursday, September 13, 2007

Kimkins Egg-White Challenge

In a dangerous twist of events, within the Kimkins website, a new plan has been born. Whether Kimmer herself wrote this plan or it was hatched by members themselves, the fact that it was allowed to be shared and discussed and USED by Kimkins members with no warning from Kimmer makes her potentially liable, by default.

Here is the plan:

Hello Fellow hardcore dieters!

This is the ultimate challenge. Get It Done as Fast as Fasting. We even got the okay from Kimmer herself!

Here is the premise. This diet works when we limit as many cals, carbs, and fats, as we can. Anything short of fasting. I was thinking what I could eat which would be lower than fish or chicken. BINGO EGG WHITES...

I was tired of making sure I wasn't over on my protein with my meager 4 oz. of chicken or 3.5 oz. of broiled salmon. etc. So, I though why not eat only whites. Today is my first day and I feel great.

I have been doing K/E since Jan 3rd. I lost 8 lbs. since then. Actually 11 but I suddenly gained 3 lbs. from thin air and then lost those. Body adjusting or something, anyway. So this is day one for me.

I am so close to goal and want to get it done as fast as possible. I have lost 85 lbs. being one of Kimmers puples from LCF. Now it is time to finish the process. I weigh 142 as of today Jan 15th. I intend on weighing 130 or less by Jan 31st. Whos with me.

If I could, I would fast, but I can't. This is what the break down will be. Eat when you are hungry, but eat only 1 C. of whites at a sitting. Also you can have 2.5 -3 T of some sort of salsa, or mustard or both. No added fats. Use pam for cooking or eat hard boiled eggs whites.

* DISCLAIMER *If you need to eat an occasional meal of chicken or fish, do it, but only have 4 oz. plain. We will give ourselve this much lea way. Don't want to go further insane, ya know! ;D ;D

Here are the stats for 1 C. of whites/5 whites.

Cals 81, Carbs, 2 fat 0, protein 17. This is a miracle food, volume without much. I think it is going to work. We have 3 weeks left till the end of the month. Anyone can do anything for that long. Just 3 short weekends a way from losing 1 lb or more a day.


This is very, very worrying.


Anonymous said...

This is not a new plan. That challenge was started in January 2007 by a member. AFAIK, Kimmer did not write it but apparently gave her approval. No one has posted on that thread since 8/29/07.

Kimkins Dangers said...

Thanks for the info! Even if it's an old plan, it was still OK'd by Kimmer herself and this plan is far more dangerous than any of the others! Shocking, even! Shocking especially given Kimmer's attempt to spin the 500 calories or less deal, too.

Anonymous said...

Oh I didn't mean to suggest it was okay just because it's older. Just wanted it to be correct so that no one from KK can come in and say that we're wrong. :)

Kimkins Dangers said...

Gotcha :) And thanks again!

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