Monday, September 17, 2007

Kimkins Director of Public Relations Prefers Atkins!

Jeannie Baitinger was recently named the new Kimkins Director of Public Relations, filling the position that was vacated by Christin. What we've found most interesting about Jeannie, aka TippyToes, is her own preference for the Atkins diet plan and warnings to others not to use Kimkins for an extended period of time, all of this despite her claim in her BBB review of the Kimkins plan that she "lost 112 pounds on Kimkins", which is blatantly untrue.

Jeannie was also the Kimkins member who began and promoted the fundraiser for Heidi's "foster children", that is currently being investigated by several agencies. Now, as the new director of PR, she has announced that Kimkins will be doing another fundraiser.

Reading through Jeannie's posts both at the Kimkins forum as well as public forums, we find a pattern of misleading statements and half truths. Why is this? Perhaps it is simply a desire for power, as Jeannie fiercely lobbied for moderator status at LCF and was denied. Perhaps it is the added income supplied by her new paid position at Kimkins. Whatever the reason, it only adds to the deception and fraud that is known as Kimkins.

Below are a series of statements we found on a public message board. All of them were written by Jeannie herself. You can read the original forum thread here: Calling All Kimmer's Maintainers Thread. From the statements below it is clear that Jeannie did not lose 112 pounds on Kimkins and also that she favors the Atkins diet over Kimkins. Knowing this, how can she now be promoting Kimkins as the blessed answer to weight problems everywhere? Money talks, we do believe.

1) I stalled on Atkins for 6 months. So, I would do Kimkins for a week, Atkins for a week to maintain the loss, then repeat. Lost the last 50 lbs that way and am able to maintain on Atkins.

2) I have seen too many folks get trapped without being able to raise calories or carbs later, making it impossible to live on over 800 calories a day without gaining.

3) Mermaid, the one thing I noted on Kimkins is that I would have a fantastic loss for 7 or 8 days and then hit a pause. I would then not lose but maybe a pound a week if I was lucky.

4) Mermaid, please keep posting here as I am interested in your progress. Take very seriously what CartBabe said… Don’t stay too long on Kimkins, OK?

5) Sue, you are right to stick with Atkins as it is working well for you. I always recommend Atkins and I adore his plan.

6) I tried going kimkins for a couple weeks but found I really only got the impressive losses week one. For a while I would do it for a week, then do Atkins for 2 weeks to maintain the loss.

7) I dropped 2 lbs without Kimkins–just by Atkins

8) I have used Kimkins and will again when need be, I am sure. But I also cycle it back and forth with Atkins which happens to be the best plan in my opinion.

9) Just wondering if you had given Atkins a try first and if so what happened. You see, although Kimkins works fast and is also a great plan it is so few calories and carbs that sometimes I see people getting stuck on it and unable to ever add more back in without a gain.

10) All three of us using the fiber are reporting weight loss again without varying from Atkins. I am most impressed!

There are many more similar statements to be found in the forum thread referenced above. We ask you to consider the above comments carefully when determining Jeannie's motive and position at Kimkins.


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