Friday, September 7, 2007

Kimkins at the Better Business Bureau Website

UPDATE: Kimmer has now posted on the Kimkins website "Nobody loves us :(" with a link to the BBB site, trying to solicit "sympathy" reviews for Kimkins.

Thanks to Mimi for this post:

Please note that there's a difference between posting a REVIEW and filing a COMPLAINT.

Click Here To View Company Report for Kimkins at the BBB


__If you personally have been defrauded or deceived by Heidi

__If you personally have been verbally and/or emotionally abused by Heidi

__If you personally have donated any money to her to help her fictional foster children or for any other cause in which the money was accepted by her or on her behalf

__If you personally have been banned from and/or denied access, and/or denied a full refund of your membership fee

__If you personally have experienced or are experiencing any ill health effects because of the Kimkins diet (either the Politically Correct version or the Plan Behind The Plan)

__If you personally have experienced or are experiencing hair loss, dizziness, “SNATT”, cardiac arrythmia, weakness, fainting, or any other problems because of the Kimkins diet

__If you personally received from Heidi medical advice including advice about weightloss and nutrition

__If you are the spouse, relative, or caretaker/guardian of anyone who personally fits any of the above criteria

You need to POST A REVIEW:

__If you personally witnessed any of the above at, LCF, ALC, or any other online venue including email and Private Messages

__If you have factual information and/or honest opinions about Heidi, the Kimkins diet, and/or


GoLight said...

It should also be noted that Not Receiving Services for your money should be your first point of complaint.
This is what will get the BBB's attention.
This includes the E-Book, Lifetime Membership, Personal Contact and any other thing you were promised when you paid.
How you "felt" should be secondary, the BBB doesn't investigate health issues, that's for another agency.

You're all doing great!

OhYeahBabe said...

In addition to the complaint, be sure to sign up for the Kimkins lawsuit!

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Anonymous said...

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