Monday, September 24, 2007

Kimkins Affiliates - Protect Your SSN!

Several family members of Heidi Diaz (Kimmer) have claimed that Heidi has been known to use other people's social security numbers. This is very troubling (and of course, incredibly illegal) but there are steps you can take to protect yourself.

If you are now, or ever have been, an affiliate of or have for any other reason provided your social security number to Kimmer / Heidi Diaz or any other "employee" of, please be aware that you may be at risk.

Most banks offer a credit reporting feature, where any attempt to secure credit using your SSN is reported to you immediately. This will allow you to spot any fraudulent use of your information before any damage is done!

Please call your bank or credit agency today!


Doggygirl said...

Oh man. I didn't even think about the SSN's that affiliates have probably provided. YIKES. I had issues several years ago that cause me continued concern over my SSN. People who have reason to be concerned might want to consider signing up for something like Equifax Credit Watch, or other similar programs for sure. Just seconding the motion.

Mean time, please visit my new blog at and make your nomination for who in the Kimscam should NEXT go to the Dog House. (the Dog House Meal Plan is outlined on my blog)


Deni said...

I only gave the last 4 of mine in the affiliate panel b/c she said that was all she needed.
does anyone know if that protects me at all?

Kimkins Dangers said...

If she only has the last 4 digits you should be fine! Wouldn't hurt to double check with your bank about the credit reporting service, most banks offer it free, but you're probably safe! :)

K said...

Bank services are faulty as the reports you see are incomplete.
VERY incomplete.

Having your name and address is all she needs to steal your identity.
I don't need any of your SS# to pull your credit reports and once I pull them, I'll have your whole SS#.

If I was one of the people who are at risk, I would FREEZE all 3, Experian, Equifax and Tran Union.

At the very least, Opt Out and then put a Fraud Alert on all 3.
The fraud can be potential, it doesn't have to have happened yet.

Please, please protect your credit as it takes years and usually court to clean up messes that someone else has made in your name.

Years, as in 1996 until now and still not done.

Kimkins Dangers said...

Thanks for that important info!

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