Saturday, September 22, 2007

Kimkins AdminSL Begs Members for Positive Reviews!

The problem is that there are fewer people happy with Kimkins than there are people who realize the dangers and fraud of this crazed woman Kimmer and her plans. The BBB has lowered Kimkins ratings to a C level, after people began speaking out on the BBB website with their negative experiences.

As a result, Kimkins admin "Singing Lass" wrote this tonight, asking their members to fill out positive reviews on the site. We are posting this here as well as forwarding the post to the BBB itself.

Posted by SingingLass:
Hi Everyone,

As some of you may know and remember, opposing sites for the last couple of weeks have been linking to, and giving people instructions to leave negative reviews for kimkins on the BBB site. The result is, that many people who have never even tried this diet, or purchased a membership, are leaving reviews parroting a list of things to say....regardless if they are true ( such as saying we promote starvation, laxative abuse etc...).

Many of you posted your own positive reveiws at the start of this tactic, and that was very kind, and much appreciated. However, the situation is still on-going due to those other sites once more prompting people to attack us/ this community in that way. We do not like having to make a public request of this sort, but in light of the situation....the only way to combat what they are doing is to continue to leave reviews of our own. So, if through this WOE and online community you have had positive experiences in your life, health, weight loss...or even just have made good friends here and would like to put a good word in to try to balance things out......please visit the below link to leave a review. Please note that the default rating is three stars, so you have to click/ change that to leave a different rating ( I saw some previous very nice and positive comments left by members who maybe did not realize they had to change that default setting).

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