Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Heidi's Son's Ex Calls Her Out

Several people have been in contact with the ex of Heidi's son (and mother of Heidi's grandson), Dennis Sharp. Here are some of the things she had to say...

Also - pause a moment to ask yourself this question. Would a woman who (supposedly) does so much good, wonderful work with foster children, abused children, volunteering - abandon her own grandchild? Heidi cares so much for the sweet, loving children in her care (alleged to be in her care) yet allows her 30 something year old son to live in her home and not care for his own son? Are some children more special than others? I'm sensing something hypocritical here.

From an email:

Brandon is her son...He will lie through his teeth for her and always has.
I have never heard of vanessa or nikki sharp.
She is a very very unstable mental person.
last i knew she had 2 foster kids a couple of months ago and I think the oldest one was getting ready to turn 18.
as far as I knew Dennis lived with her and she just recently moved according to one of Dennis's friends. Probably because she knows people are on to her.
I dont know where they moved to though and i dont think Dennis's friend knows either he just knows they moved.

From an email:
I haven't had a connection with Heidi in 6 yrs.
I dont have much of a relationship with her son either.
He has choosen to abandon our son.
They are both alcoholics.
Just one of her scams that I can think of right off the bat is when I had my son....Dennis told me that his mom was selling avon and she posted a bulletin that her purse got stolen and people from all over the place were sending her money.
I know she has also used other peoples social securith #'s.
I wish I knew how you could get a hold of her ex husband and his wife.
They would blow you away with crazy stories of Heidi.
I really dont want to get to involved with this because I dont really have time for the drama in my life and my life is nice a quite.
but I hope she gets what she deserves.

From comments:
  1. Tyna Says:

    I Know this woman personally and the woman in the pictures IS Heidi Diaz.
    She is my ex’s mother.
    She has been a scam artist for many years.

From another email:
yes, Heidi is bald. she has i think its called alopecia.
I dont know why or how she got it.
Yes she does wear wigs.
She has been heavy ever since I've know her (8 yrs)
but I haven't seen her in about 5 yrs.
As far as I know she had 2 [foster children] a couple of months ago.
Im not sure how old but I think the oldest one was getting ready to turn 18.
I dont know if you want to call it a scam but im sure when she asked to borrow 1000$ she already knew she had no intentions on paying me back.
she is a money hungry woman.
you have no idea what this woman has done.

What we find most interesting about these statements are two things - first, the statement that Heidi has been known to use other social security numbers and second, that as far as the woman knows, Heidi had 2 foster children a couple of months ago.

Either the caseworker for the State of CA provided false information to those that inquired about Heidi's position as a foster parent and the PI who stated that the only people living in the apartment were Heidi and Brandon was mistaken (unless the foster children had moved out by that time?), or Heidi is enrolled in the foster parent program under another name, or the woman speaking here was fed false information by her ex (who she also says will lie as bad as Heidi will).

We will begin a new inquiry as to the foster children issue now, as this is a very problematic situation with huge legal ramifications if Heidi has not had foster children in the last several years.

I do believe it is time to call upon a higher power. :)


Anonymous said...

from slamboard:

Quote: “Mr. Charlton has also consented to an email interview — leave your questions for him in the comments, please.”

Please, everyone, post your questions to Mr. Charlton a.s.a.p.


Anonymous said...

Are children not your own living under your roof considered foster children? If so, Heidi may not have been lying 100% about her fostering. But were they legal? From what she said, it's possible they were private placements and would fly under the radar thataway. Was this her new address, since she apparently had no others living with her during the investigation? Good heavens, a partial truth might destroy her deserved reputation!

Kimkins Dangers said...

Interesting point, Anonymous, but consider this..

If Heidi had children through a private foster system, she then must have lied when making claims about the county foster system and how she needed money for them because the county system did not provide enough financial aid.

We have also learned today that one cannot be both a foster parent AND a C.A.S.A. at the same time as that presents a legal conflict of interest.

So.. we know she served as a C.A.S.A. "several years ago", therefore, "several years ago" she was not a foster parent. We know that she is not a C.A.S.A. at the present time, so it could be possible that she is a foster parent now, however, the State of CA certainly did not indicate that.

Also, remember that the PI did not see anyone living in the apartment aside from Heidi and her son Brandon. It's a bit hard to hide foster children. :)

Kristi said...

I am confused... does Heidi have two children? I thought Brandon was only 18....

Kimkins Dangers said...

Heidi has two sons. She had her son Dennis when she was 16. Brandon is her 18 year old that lives at home with her.

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