Saturday, September 8, 2007

Heidi Diaz Photo Comparison

The "new" picture posted at reminded us of the infamous blue sweater picture.

Here they are, presented side by side, for comparison.

Bear in mind that "Kimmer" admitted that the photos published on Slamboard are indeed Heidi Kimberly (Miller) Diaz, however, "Kimmer" is now also trying to claim that she is not Heidi Diaz, in what was an incredibly creepy and surreal post. (Read it here)


Karen said...

Someone posted this today at LCF...Kimmer admitted in the Jimmy Moore podcast that the blue sweater lady is her. Now she is saying it isn't. Again...she is caught in a lie.

Kimmer admits in JM interview that she is lady in blue sweater!


Coming out of lurk mode:

During the interview with Jimmy Moore she refuses to disclose her name, but while discussing the posting she says at minute 18:33

Like I said, I haven't seen the picture but if it's a blue sweater and big sun glasses, THAT IS ME.

Now follow me through the web she weaves:

1. Kimmer admits that she is the lady in the blue sweater.
2. Kimkins Dangers compares photo taken by PI with blue sweater photo and they are the same woman.
3. Kimmer admits that the PI photos are of Heidi Diaz.
4. Therefore, KIMMER = Heidi Diaz

Kimmerexia said...

Comparing this "new" old picture of Heidi to the pic side-by-side, it's crystal clear that they are of the same person. Just look at the eyes, nose and dimples. Pretty damned distinctive features.

OhYeahBabe said...

More evidence!

Stop the fraud! Join the Kimkins lawsuit!

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