Friday, September 28, 2007

Heidi and SingingLass Contemplate Their Mole

theTRUTH released more private message communications between Heidi and SingingLass today, in which they are trying to find out who is getting access to all of the PMs. It's an amusing read, to be sure!

Please visit The Truth Starts Here for the complete story, below is a small excerpt.

Kimmer wrote:
Nobody has access to the PMs except you & me. Now, if an admin is posting stuff I can't figure out who that would be? Gary? No, Tarvosk? No. Tippy, Carolyn? No. Who else?

SingingLass wrote:
Then someone has hacked. The pms that are up, are the exchanges between you and i talking about people we were considering banning.....mommas3, honeybee, reesie....and there is bragging that they have more. All of this coming from whoever "thetruth" is....same person who posted our private staff board.
I swear and promise I have not leaked anything. I do think when we switch to the private board, we should use it instead of pms here though, something is going on.

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Even DOCTOR WHO isn't as entertaining as this saga....

I see a book possibility here.

The Princess

Anonymous said...

oh, this is just tooo funny!!

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