Friday, September 21, 2007

Get Your Ducks Here!

A near-universal use of duck avatars is sweeping through the forums. Kimmer / Heidi's quote in which she states that she is "naturally suspicious of anyone with a “duck” avatar.”, has turned into a show of solidarity amongst those who are working to see the scam of a website shut down for good!

Some members of the various forums have mentioned that they cannot find an avatar! In the spirit of fanning the paranoia, we have set up a page of duck avatars for use! Click on the image above to be taken to the page of avatars.

All images are 100x100 pixels, making them the perfect size for any forum! Please do NOT hotlink through the site! Right click over the image of your choice and "save as" onto your own computer.

Most forums (including LCF, ALC and JM's LowCarbDiscussion) allow you to upload an image from your own computer. Ask any of the forum moderators for help if you need assistance!

We hope to see legions of ducks marching through the posts!

mariasol said...

You missed the "Tippy Toes Duck Finger Puppet"

Anonymous said...

Hey KD blogger, here's one you might enjoy :)


Anonymous said...

oops, sorry KD that link is too long ... here's the tinyurl ...


2BIG said...

thanks for the ducks I'm stepping off the sidelines now

LadyJ said...

Thanks for the ducks! They are great!

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