Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Don't Ask Questions at Kimkins!

Kimmer and her admins (the remaining ones) are busy cleansing and sanitizing the forums again. The loss of three beloved Kimkins members has caused a bit of a stir and people are asking questions. What happened? Is it true? Why did they leave? People want to know the answers to these questions and instead of answering them with honestly and candor, Kimmer has issued a blanket ultimatum - "If you don't like the diet, find another diet. If you don't like me, go to another website" and similar statements.

We talked in an earlier post about the importance of debate and if you are selling something, the importance of being able to defend that something without immature commentary, personal attacks and blanket ultimatums. If Kimmer really had any scientific evidence that her plans were safe, sane and healthy, then she'd have no trouble debating them or even just answering some tough questions from her PAID members.

But no. Instead she credits the bloggers and "anti-kimmer" people with the possession of magical powers that enable us to control the minds of those like Jimmy Moore, Deni, Christin and Becky. Through our mystical use of verbiage, we compelled them to leave the Kimpire and pulled them away from clear logic and rational thought. (Thanks for the compliment Kimmer, but that's rather insulting to those who have left and certainly not at all what they gave as their reasons for leaving.)

A poster recently left the following post in a thread that was moved to the "Playpen" section of Kimmer's forum (and oddly doesn't even show up on the "new posts" list). The thread is now locked and we assume the post that we will show below will be removed post haste.

Yeah, there is something going on. Deni asked to not be admin anymore and 20 mins later she was banned from the site. She was able to get out that message and that was it. Even if she wanted to leave on her own, she shouldn't have been banned. As for Christin she started asking Kimmer questions, since she was the PR for KK, and she was fired and banned as well... So draw your own pic from that.

Not that I am knocking the plan, bc I am not. I have lost 53 lbs and very grateful, however, why the lying and banning. Just very confusing to me. Kimmer doesn’t sound very honest to me. Hope I don’t get banned for saying this.

We hope they don't get banned as well! That person paid for a LIFETIME membership to that website and certainly has not said anything rude or abrasive and has not attacked any other member of the board - except questioning Kimmer's integrity and truthfulness.

The fact is that Kimmer is NOT very honest and the Kimkins members are starting to realize that.

For anyone from Kimkins who does get banned or leaves of their own free will, Jimmy Moore posted last night that he is welcoming them all to a new safe haven at his Livin' La Vida Low-Carb discussion blog, which can be found here.

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