…to one of our favorite gals, Jeanessa!

Hector is Heidi’s (Kimmer) ex-husband.

JEANESSA asked teasingly earlier, Guess who I just got off the phone with? Ask me!

Oh, just a nice middle-aged couple. Hmmm….I think their names are Hector and Christine Diaz!

Basically, we have further confirmation that Heidikins is both morbidly obese and bald.

That she’s a lifetime scammer (with evidence!), that she drove her ex and his wife out of CA with her scheming, alcoholism and scams and I will offer some clarification on the foster kids issue….

Heidi has never lost the weight, ever!

Heidi lost her foster kids, the State came and took them away….

Ask me why the foster kids were taken, ask me why, ask me why!

Because she let them get drunk!

I’m telling you all what, before I was just a little bit mad, so I got a lawyer.

Now, I know that this woman is a drunk, bald, lying, conniving, do-anything-for-two-dollars piece of work and it is ON!

Heidi, look out, baby doll, you banned the wrong chick!

The kids were middle school age and it happened five+ years ago.

Apparently, she did have foster kids since then even, but they were removed, too. She doesn’t hang on to them for very long.

She is still living the poor lifestyle and scamming the gubment, too. Or was as of July. I think this is how she thought that she could get away with nobody ever imagining that she is Kimmer….

I have this to say to anybody who supports Heidi Diaz (Tippy, girl, you are at the top of the list).

Get out now. Run for cover.

I don’t want to hear jack about her diet that she never followed, her foster kids or her volunteer time.

I don’t want to hear about how she saved your life. You saved your own life by getting control of your eating. And she has disrupted many more lives than she has supposedly saved.

Kimkins is a scam and anybody who continues to contribute to this scam is fair game.

I am done playing, end of story.

Kimmer took advantage of an opportunity to scam all of us. That doesn’t make her smart.

Getting away with it makes you smart…and, um, I think circumstances here can attest to the level of her intelligence.

I wish I could tell you everything I know. I really do. all I can give you today are the facts, ma’am. When other stuff has been determine, you’ll know more.

Were they aware at all of the Kimkins scam? (the Diaz’s)

Nope, they didn’t know. They thought she was poor and on disability…